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heart murmur

HI, I'm 23 years old and i was born with a heart murmur. I was told i had to stay for i "think" about a month in the hospital till it closed up. well i started having problems with it at about 9-10 years old. so i was taken to some doctor who said he was able to detect it. my dad informed the doctor i had gotten scarlet fever when i was a little younger, and so the doctor said that prob. caused it to open up again. i was never given any medications or surgeries, my step-mom is a HUGE naturalist. so she had taken me to some homeopathic doctor who gave me some homeopathic s to take. It seemed to work but i no longer take them since there gone by now and the title on the vile said "heart murmur." i've still continued to have problems with it, chest pain, feels like i can feel a "wosh" of blood being pumped through my heart, hard to breath during the pain, and sometimes when the pain is really bad it feels like knives being stabbed in my heart. Now being in the military i've had to lie about my murmur, i want to know if this can be dangerous for me in the future, should i see a doctor, and if i see one can i have my medical records not to mention anything about it..... sometimes when the murmur gets bad, and the pain drops me to the floor, and i cant breath. I get scared, this isn't going to kill me is it?
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Gosh I can't say for certain that they can keep that out of your records and I do understand you trying to keep it under wraps for your career.  Most heart murmurs are benign but it does indeed sound like yours is a bit more of an issue.  If you are dropping to the ground in pain I think it is time you see a doctor.  I personally don't know much about murmurs and maybe someone will jump on who does but pain that bad should not be ignored.  I do hope you can work it out to stay in the military but I really personally don't think you should let this just go.  Take care.  I do hope you feel better soon.
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First off, you were extremely foolish to lie about the murmur. You can count on this eventually coming out and a discharge, possibly under dishonorable conditions. This was unnecessary because the military provides waivers for heart murmurs. Not all, but on a case-by-case basis. You need legal advice that I am not qualified to provide. The problem is you have falsified your medical records, which is a felony. When they find this out your career will be terminated. Try to contact an attorney who is retired from the military and JAG and pay him/her for an hour or two of their time for advice. You also need a professional evaluation of your cardiac status. You will have to pay for this yourself if you don't want it on the record.
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First, thank you for your voluntary service to our great country.

I am a veteran from long ago and do remember  the military as being rather rigid/stiff but I mostly enjoyed my tour, considered making it a career but didn't.

Now to your question, I think if there isn't an indelible record that you have a diagnosed murmur what's wrong with maintaining they post childhood symptoms are new?  This isn't legal advice but just some thinking about the oldest excuses:  didn't understand, didn't know...  which may not improve the situation, likely not.  

Getting medical evaluation seems to be the real first issue.  Here I believe if you contact a private doctor, your medical records are private, that too may be something to check on regarding the military authority - big brother seems to have ways to violate the privacy of even civilians.

Good luck, hope your can continue your career in good health, no more pain, no more fear.
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..."This isn't legal advice but just some thinking about the oldest excuses:  didn't understand, didn't know...  which may not improve the situation, likely not....."

Exactly... Geez!....You're not going to be court martialed, and you won't be dishonorably discharged.  You had to have had a military physical, right?  At the very least, I'm sure they listened to your heart.  I assume they didn't find anything that would preclude you from service, correct?  Then something happened between the time you went in and the present.  Get medical help.  "I don't feel well"  That's all.  If it comes down that they dig deep enough to discover that you knew about you're condition.... "It wasn't a problem when I joined".  I doubt they'll dig very deep.  That's all. You might at the most receive a medical discharge.  Finally, thanks for your service to our country.
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thank you all for your advice. yes i was given a physical, and no one was able to detect anything. but as for the past year or so it's gotten worse. I will defiantly  take your advice and seek some medical attention. my heart murmur Has never been able to be detected by a doctor as of yet, only by naturalist. since i was born with a hole in my heart at birth but it closed up. i had waivers done and every thing came back with thumbs up for me to join. i had just gotten a physical done about 2 months ago and still every thing was ok. In a way i dont really think it was a lie about my condition due to the fact it closed up and has never been detected by a real doctor, but the fact that a naturalist said i had it makes me worried. I  show signs of having one but never has it been able to be detected. i'm worried i wont be able to continue my service in the military, since this is all i've got to support my family.
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Sounds like you are on safe ground relative to your enlistment.  Just tell the base doctor you are sick, tell the truth about what is troubling you and let them figure out what the problem is.  The fact that you have a diagnosis from a "naturalist" isn't anything you have to discuss with them anymore than what your minister (assumed) thinks is wrong with your physical health, that is the responsibility of you military doctor (or assigned private practice - however the military hands health issues).  Many years ago when I was in the Navy all doctors, including dentists were Navy officers.
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