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hypertension, atenlol and running marathons

Hi, I am 32 years old male. I have high blood pressure for last 10 years and I am taking Atenlol 50mg for last 6 years. I started running marathons in 2008 and since then I have completed 4 marathons with an average time of 3:40:00. I consulted my doctor and he said its good idea for my health to keep this routine, although Atenlol might be a hindrance in exercise. Personally, I feel quite relaxed after each training run and even marathons.

During exercise session my heart rate is always less than 150 bpm while its 40-45 bpm at rest state. I didn't had this problem earlier but now-a-days I feel quite over-breathed in first 30 minutes of the run but it stabilizes after that.  
I also have the tendency to gain weight very easily.

My question here is:

- Is it a good idea to run marathons with my disease and prescribed medication?
- If yes, then why do I feel over-breathed recently and why do I gain the weight within a week time if I stop exercising ?
- I also want to increase my marathon time, but it seems the pace of 5 mins/km is the limit for me. Does Atenlol is really limiting my speed.

Thanks in advance for the advice.  

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None of us can answer if it's safe for you to run marathons. Hypertension is not a disease but a risk factor for future diseases, and should be taken seriously. It's uncommon to get hypertension at age 22, so you should make sure your doctor knows what the cause is. If it's safe to run marathons depends on 2 things; 1) The cause of your hypertension, and 2) your blood pressure during exercise. You can get a stress test to evaluate the blood pressure during exercise.

There are lots of BP meds that don't slow the heart rate, you can ask your doctor if you like?

Atenolol will slow the heart rate, yes.  That may reduce your capacity, but the doctor knows this best. If you already are able to run a marathon, I wouldn't be concerned about the exercise capacity :)
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Thanks! In fact the doctors couldn't diagnose the cause of the hypertension and termed it as essential hypertension.

I liked the advice that I should go through a stress test to see if I am really stressing my precious (heart) to or beyond its limits :)
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Your doc said keep on keepin' on.
I'd follow his advice...
See you at the next marathon... if you agree to wait 20 minutes for me at the finish line!!

After an injury riddled summer, I got a 15 in yesterday - felt GREAT!!
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