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left side chest pain, palpitations

ekg`s I had two done on 10/19/2007, one on 12/22/2007, and one on 12/28/2007.  The one I had done on 12/22/2007 shows on the computer printoit and the top sinus tachycardia, right atrial enlargement, borderline ecg when compared with ecg of 09/13/2006.I'm really anxious about this now, please shed some light on this for me. im wondering now if it could be arrythmias causing my problems.  with all the info i have given does that sound like it could be a possibility? could they cause intermittent chest pain on the left side where i described, and occasional left arm pain? how could i find out if that is what it is? if is is arrythmias are they dangerous, can they be treated? i do sleep alot i guess you could say, today i slept 10 hrs, but most days i sleep around 8 or 9, and i feel fatigued alot and yawn alot.i do have stomach problems, been having them before all this started. are the pac's or pvc's that i experience that i feel in my chest and throat often, are they dangerous? and im pretty active.  im 22 yrs old,  male, 6 ft tall, and weigh 180-185 lbs. it seems as if i dont have to do much to get my heart beat going really fast and hard, it dont take long or hardly and hard work at all and it will be pounding and going fast.  i'm scared it could be arrythmias, or heartbeat irregularities that are causing my symptoms, b/c i've been experiencing alot of palpitations lately and sometimes when i get the pain i put my hand over my heart and sometimes it will feel like it skips a beat and sometimes it will feel like it beats and like stays pushed out for a long time and then it finally sucks back in and then beats normal again.i was wondering what conditions could cause the left side chest pain that i'm experencing with pounding/forceful/hard heartbeats in my chest. the pain is intermittent along with the hard heartbeats, when the pain is there it is accompanied by the hard/forceful/pounding heartbeats. what could cause this?
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Don't ever rely solely on the computer generated printouts that accompany the EKG strip.  They are notorious for spitting out lists of "potential" diagnoses.  It's much more important to let your doctor conduct an exam, run any helpful tests and provide an actual diagnosis based on all of the facts.

What makes you think you have a cardiac arrythmia?  I had an arrythmia for many years and never experienced any pain associated with the arrythmia.  An EKG strip could indicate the presence of an arrythmia.  Because it is only a "snapshot" of what's going on, some doctors suggest the patient wear a monitor to capture the arrythmia.  Like many conditions, an arrythmias can be innocent or serious.  

The symptoms you describe are very often associated with anxiety.  That's not to say that you ahve anxiety.  Simply, it is a possibility.  In almost all cases, PVC's and PAC's are not dangerous.  In patients with structurally normal hearts, they are general considered "benign".  If you remain concerned, talk with your doctor about wearing a holter, or event, monitor.  Incidentally, the majority of people experience extra beats, at least on occasion.

Has your doctor mentioned anxiety?  Any other diagnosis?  

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i went to my doc yesterday and i told him about my pain and symptoms still and i told him that when i went to the er a few weeks ago with the real bad pain that they told me to talk to my doc about repeating the echo,stress test, and holter, and possibly doing a heart cath. I told him that and he said that they would be useless b/c we already had them done and they didnt show anything. (except heart cath. never had that done), he said that there was nothing wrong with my heart. i've still been having the intermittent chest pain right over my heart, left side of chest, and pain radiating down my left arm and into my left wrist. what are the possibilites that the test i had done would have missed any blockages or anything else that could be causing my symptoms with my heart? what could be causing my pain and symptoms? unstable angina?  are there any substitute tests, less invasive than a heart cath. that are just as good?  nuclear scan? again im a 22 yr old male, 6 ft. 180lbs. bp is 137/80. i do have one tender spot on the left side of my chest but i think its b/c thats where i always grab when i have the pain and i just bruised it, and now i grab it all the time and press on it when i have the pain. are coronary artery spasms dangerous? if you dont mind could you find out if the ekg would show changes in the event one happened with an event monitor, thanks so much. is coronary artery spasms something that can be corrected, and what are the complications of them.
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