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murmur and possible leak

Hello- I just went to a cardiologist yesterday who said that I have a heart murmur that I was born with (news to me!) and a possible leak. He said he hears something besides the murmur. He put me on a low dosage Beta Blocker to keep my heart from racing. He has scheduled me for an echocardiogram, carotid artery ultrasound, stress test and a 24 hour heart monitor on Nov 16.  I've had 3 EKG's. One in 2002 and one a month ago that came out normal (per the doctors I was seeing) and I had one yesterday that came up abnormal. Can someone explain to me what my doctor means by possible leak and what we will do for it? And also, is there anything that needs to be done for a murmur? meds? surgery? etc... And why did my EKG come up abnormal this time but not the other two times if I was born with this? Thanks!
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You are smart to be going forward with the echocardiogram, ultrasound, stress test, etc. Nov. 16. It sounds like your doctor is thorough and wants to get the full picture of what's happening with your heart, etc. which is good. I know from personal experience that it can be a hassle and scary to
go through all those tests and have to wait for the results, but you're doing the right thing.

I think when he's talking about a possible leak, he means that there may be a back flow of blood
or what they call "regurgitation." Many different types of heart murmurs exist and there are many
different causes. Murmurs can change with time, age, and other health conditions. The treatment
for a murmur depends on its severity (could be just to watch and do tests every 1-5 years, could be
take medication daily, etc.)

Heart murmurs are extremely common.  In more severe situations, they do surgery. For example, if one of the heart valves is defective and has to be replaced. Most people with heart murmurs don't have to have surgery, so please don't assume that you will need that right now.  

I am 49 (turn 50 next week) and they knew from birth that I had a heart murmur. At 14, they
did further testing. To this day, I still have not had to have heart surgery. Right now, I am on
medication. (How old are you?)

Your EKG can change over time, due to a number of things. Were any of your EKGs done while you were exercising? I have probably had 20 EKGs over the past 35 years and the only one that ever was "abnormal" was when they had me exercise on a treadmill.  

Please keep us posted as to what they find out. Good luck,
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Thanks for your comments. I am healthy 24 year old, so I thought. I actually had an episode Sunday night with my heart racing for 2 hours in the middle of the night and strong palpitations that scared the heck out of me. I called my doctor the next day and they had me come in right away to get the heart monitor and they moved up my tests to Nov 1st. So that's good news, I can get this all of out of the way and figure out what is wrong with me, finally. I wasn't doing anything when the EKG came out abnormal, just  hanging out in the doctor's office. Thank again for your comments, and when I find out any results I will let you know. Take care.
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