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rvot-vt ablation

Im curious to see what the success rate of this type of ablation has. I had one back in Jan of 09 for WPW and it worked beautifully! Im hoping for the same results on this one. The vt is coming from the pulmonary valve. Im sched to have it done on Dec 13. I'd love to hear from anyone who has had an ablation for the same thing, and how did it turn out?
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I can't directly help with our question, but this post will push your post back to the top of the list.

Congratulations on the WPW cure, that may be a good sign.  Will it be the same EP doing the surgery?  

As for you %, I hope your doctor gave you a number.  That is your best source, an expert who knows your specifics.
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Thanks Jerry. Yes, same EP
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