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sciatic nerve pain after failed ablation?

Hello everyone

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced sciatic nerve pain after having either a successful or failed ablation?
I don't know what my EP Dr did, but as soon as he was messing around with my left leg it started aching and since then (week and half ago) i have had pain that goes down from my left butt cheek to my knee. Which is making walking a real effort as it starts to ache. I went to my Dr but she just said it's something that has to heal, but i'm an impatient patient and was wondering if anyone had any advice or experiences to make me feel a little bit better about myself.
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well as my EP Dr put the sheath/catheter into the wrong place i think he has definately knicked either the sciatic nerve in the prirformis muscel or another nerve along that area. As soon as he was putting the sheaths into my leg it started to ache down to my knee, not really badly but enough to notice it.

However it is not feeling too bad today, so i'm hoping that it is just getting better day by day. Fingers crossed.
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It does sound as if you are having true sciatic pain, but take a look at this illustration of the path of the sciatic nerve as it exits the spinal column:


You can see that it is far to the back of the body and passes through the butt muscles.  Given that the incision for ablations is made in the groin, it is essentially impossible for that to be responsible for your pain.

Therefore, I don't understand your doc's statement that this is something that 'just has to heal.'  Anatomically, that doesn't make sense.  Personally, I'd ask her (a) for a reasonable explanation, and (b) if she doesn't have one, I'd be talking to an orthopedist.

There are exercises that can help certain kinds of sciatic pain.  One such condition is called 'piriformis syndrome.'  You can google that for more info.
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All my ablations had incisions in the front (groin) area. Not sure how that would affect the sciatic nerve that runs down the back. Even my longest ablation that lasted almost 7 hours didn't cause me much trouble. From one ablation they bruised a nerve near the incision and I had some deep achy pain down the front of my thigh but that eased off after a few weeks. Perhaps yours will too. Do you know about the stretching exercises for sciatica?
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