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why pvcs come back after taking metoprolol?

hello everyone. My age is 24 yrs old. i did one echo that was normal, i only had tachycardia. Doc gave me metoprolol. I was taking metoprolol for 12 days and suddenly felt something like pvcs. When i did ecg back in the hospital i saw several pvcs. 2 years ago i did a holter monitor there i got 208 pvcs. these 2 years i felt totally fine but after taking metoprolol i got pvcs and i have it especially at night. what should i do? can anyone help?
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What tachycardia did you have? Sinus tachycardia?  What other tests and exams have you had done?
i just did echocardiography 1 month ago as the doctor told me to do so. no other test. that was sinus tach. i did holter 2 years ago that was nearly normal according to cardiologist.
Hmmm, so you already had pvcs but metropolol makes it worse? Its supposed to be doing the opposite. Maybe it makes you notice them more but not make it worse necessarily. You should definitely talk to your doctor about it. Have you had any other tests done to rule out anything? Something like a stress test and mri?
i am from India. now i am studying in china. my country's doctor did not give me any further exams , just said after several years it will go away.
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I don't think Metoprolol makes them worse. What I have seen on myself, however, is that it doesn't work at all. I took up to 50 mg a day. I switched temporarily now to Toprol XL to see if that's the answer since the generics seem to have no effect.
bisoprolol works for me but I could not find it in china.
I take metropolol xl for ventricular tachycardia 50 mg and so far its worked, let me not jinx it lol
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