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I am new here, but have been reading other posts.  I really understand about the withdrawal, dependency etc.  I just had surgery on a cyst, but have had back problems for over 3 years now.  Here in Michigan, the doctors won't let you have med early, take more than prescribed or give you something stronger than what you have been taking for pain to begin with?  I want to have a normal life again.  I wake up wanting a pill or I can't function day to day.  I take a pill to be ME, is that right?
I want to be weened off the pills, but of course most of the time I JUST WANT THEM.  Its a vicious
cycle and I want to heal, and get off of them all  together. Please let me know if ANYONE had or has this problem.

Write back to me anyone who is in this type of situation.
That would be greatly appreciated
Thank You!
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I, like you am in that cycle...I am surpriised I am only comment.
Hope you are still in touch with this forum.
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I am 28 and been in that position for 13 years, been worse some times more than others. You're so not alone. I don't even think about how I could stop. :(
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I had spinal decompression to relieve stenosis, two years later I had spinal fusion due to severe pain, shifting caused pressure on nerves. None of the strongest pain meds helped. They only dulled it slightly. A great Pain Management Doctor and a great Surgeon helped me with a Spinal Cord Stimulater implant. It stops the pain from going to my brain so that I do not feel it. I feel like I have my life back.
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