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Hello all; I am asking for your help and/or advice. I had two spinal surgeries a year ago and have been in Chronic pain ever since. I had spinal stenosis and was told that I could be paralysed soon if I did not have a cervical fusion. I was at 78% blockage at that point. OK So since then I have been living a totally dfferent life, a life full of pain, fear, limitations, anxiety, and depression. Right now I have been on Oxycodone 10/325 for a year. I am up to taking 150 of them per month along with anxiety meds, depression meds, muscle relaxers!!! 18 months ago I barely took an asprin. My question and concerns are that the oxycodone is not working anymore. I am scared to ask my doctor for anything else. What I would like to do is replace it wth somethng that will work. I do not know what this would be and how to ask. I have recently moved from AZ to CA and have only seen my doctor one time. My muscles are twitching all night to the point I can not sleep, my pain is constantly a 6-7 with meds and I can not live like this anymore. Any suggestions for coming off the meds, asking for what will work, help n anyway. Doc suggestions for the Modesto area would be great tool. I am slipping fast and do not know how much longer I can take it and how to fix it.... Thanks for the help,
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I am new here, but have been reading other posts. I really understand about the withdrawal, dependency etc. I just had surgery on a cys...
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I m at the er 4 to 5 timed a month my rsd is so severe i slammed he head so hard into the wall last week in hopes i could pass out. i don...
I am taking generic ms contin 15 mg twice daily. My pm suggested adding a third dose making it an 8 hr dosing schedule. How has this m...
Hmmmm....where to start? Been a chronic pain patient since 2000. Followed all rules, did all that was asked of me. I was never, never bad...
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