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when can i resume alcohol ?

I was diagnosed with Hep A during 1st week of May and recovered within 10 days. As adviced by my family physician (general) My second blood test showed everything normal (including Bilirubin) within 15 days of my recovery.

i am out of alcohol completely for three months now

I am getting conflicting answers on resumption of alcohol, would really appreciate if someone may give me answers

1. Is there a possibility of relapse of Hep A due to Alcohol consumption after 3 months ?

2. some say I should start only after 6-12 months

thanks and regards
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alcohol is bad...  i am going into treatment later today
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Why would you even want to start drinking again knowing how it can damage your liver and knowing what you've been through already? Guess I've never cared about it enough to care if I ever have a drink again. Just don't understand!
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After 6 1/2 years for this Q I should think this is a moot point in this regard. Sheeeesh.
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as a doc told me a loooooooong time ago NEVER
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I can only assume you intend to resume the alcohol use for treating/cleaning minor cust and scratches, in which case: go ahead anytime. :)
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Largely, the people on this forum are treating for hepatitis c, and for hepatitis c, alcohol use actually facilitates the spread of the virus and is fairly lethal for our treatment progress.  

In hepatitis A, as I understand it, there are a percentage of people who can relapse up to a year after the infection.  Also, I don't know how accurate (and by this, I am saying I really don't know much about this, so I just don't know) liver enzymes are in assessing the initial damage caused by the hep A infection or if you really need to be safe and see a liver specialist (hepatologist) and get a biopsy in order to do that.  If it was MY liver, I'd probably WANT to be on the safe side and see just how exactly how much damage was done during that initial illness before doing ANYTHING to stress my liver.  You only get one of the things.

Other than that, I would definitely wait a year out from the initial infection to drink again since there are a percentage of hep a relaspsers within that time frame.  The infection just stays within them and causes them a relapse a few months to a year after the initial infection.

After a year, if there isn't any damage to your liver and you have clearance from your doctor, I haven't seen any info that says that alcohol has long term bearing in hep A.  Alcohol abuse, however, is one of the leading causes of liver damage and failure.

If the initial infection did cause damage, then from here on out ANYTHING that stresses the liver, medications, alcohol, things in the diet, etc, will need to be watched.
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Guys. This question was asked in 2001. I wish MH would block replies to Posts over a certain age.
Me I had HepA and didnt know it so i probaly drank all the way thru it. Had HepB and did now it and was told to stop drinking. Which i did for 3 days. So shoot me i was young.
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Yeah, sorry.  I didn't even see the date of the original post.  How do those original posts from so long ago get picked up?
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Even am also havn hep A..am having point 4 %...Now am alrit afrr 2 month..I quit alcohol for 6 months..Now am started weekly twice 4 large... No prob n tat..BT main reason you should maintain ur body hydrated
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