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Hepatitis A Community

what to check?
Hello, i recieved oral sex from sex worker about 1 month ago, it was unprotected and i dont know her HEpatitis status or any std, but she...
I am recovering from severe Hepatitis A which I was hospitalised for, I'm just wandering if anybody has had the illness and how long it t...
In 1966, while at Camp Pendleton Marine base, I became very sick with a sore throat, fever, chills etc. I went to the base doctor and was...
I started feeling sick in mid-late September. October 9 I was admitted to the hospital with my liver enzymes "thru the roof" to quote the...
I got a Twinrix hep a and b vaccine and I read in the insert that it should be shaken before injection. I don't recall her shaking it. W...
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