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Alt levels up to 1000 - can I reverse it?

Doctor called me, my alt went to 1000.
I started treatment 3 weeks ago when it was 500, I don’t even know why it was like that , but it wasn’t good.
Doctor didn’t check my alt before starting and now went to 1000.
My mental state deteriorated after hearing this.
Tomorrow i need to go in the hospital and maybe there is a chance of reversing this...
Anyway, be healthy guys...
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well that is not very bad news, usually with such high alt hbsag goes down and alt 1000 is usually tollerable for liver function.it is very important that doctors are expert on these situations and use of pegintf, when not exepert they stop pegintf to avoid any trouble.use of tdf combo might help in those cases with high hbvdna and sometimes alt goes down as hbvdna goes down
I know liver flares can be worrying
Stef Whats your view on the chances of hbsag loss in this scenario?
researcher in pisa told me that flares as high as 800 are no problem even on cirrhotic livers as long as expert doctors on pegintf treatment are monitoring liver function closely
when 19yo i had alt 1500 for 6months and liver had no damge on function at all
Hi stef2011 do you know if medicine treatment is needed my result ? I am new just went doctor, am chronic hepb and my hepatatis b level is 210.000.000 ui/ml
8.334 log10iu/ml and fibrosis f0.
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How are you doing melcul? What did they tell you in hospital?
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Doctor says he wants me to continue if my liver functions are ok( coagulation ) and if I don’t get jaundice... (I don’t know much about his expertise, only what i’ve found online, seems like he’s the lead for liver transplants here, so hopefully he knows what he’s doing and doesn’t put me in to much danger)
I’m asking them for weekly blood tests because of this anyway.
he wants to continue until 3 months when he can see if i’m a responder (I’m currently ending my first month)
He says my immune system is reacting strongly, which may very well be true, but, of course, having in mind that i’m already f2, is very worrisome for me.
At the moment i have very little side effects, the only recurring one is a pretty serious body ache.
I have avoided treatment for years because i was worried of the worst. Had to face it at some point though...
well, it seems it is not that bad at the end.  looking forward to hear good news!
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After only 5 weeks, now i have to stop treatment because of the coronavirus crisis, my immune system and the fact that they can’t have me in the hospital atm.  They say i should wait for a few months before this issues gets resolved... i was having a strong response and now i have to stop everything. This is really depressing
I’m not sure if I should’ve asked to continue with nucs, or if it’s safe to stop now, I don’t even know when they’ll test me next or how my liver enzymes/ virus are going to react now..
You can't take nucs right after interferon. You have to wait at least 6 months.
Why not ? Hopefully it's not dangerous, because this is what the doctor switched me to because of coronavirus
The doctor didn't want me to get off, he actually thought i was possibly a case of seroconversion, due to high alt and normal liver functions, but my white blood cells were going down fast and i developed Neutropenia. Because of this and that going to the hospital for blood tests almost weekly, they decided to get me off because the risk of catching coronavirus and most probably developing severe disease.  This actually depressed me a lot since i had a little hope for the first time in years. But this is life, i would've never imagined this pandemic ever happening.  Now, i only  have to wait anxiously and check my blood tests again.
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I've been on Tenofovir for around 4 months now.  HBVDNA went down from millions to 100.  Doctor says all my blood tests are normal. Hopefully i'll be able to stay on Tenofovir for a while and addon Peginterferon again.
Maybe you were converting form HBEAG+ to HBEAG-
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Just wanted to update, in case someone would be in the same situation at some point.
5 shots of Peginterferon in February-March 2020. (ALT 1000)
Moved to Tenofovir in April 2020
After the firsts 4 months, all my blood tests came back ok.
Unfortunately, Last week i went for blood tests again ( 6 months on tenofovir at this point)
Today, I received a letter asking me to come in for blood tests again in 10 days. Hopefully, it's nothing too serious, but something should be wrong otherwise you don't usually get asked to come back. Just worried since I wasn't expecting anything to be off at this point.  Is this something normal ?
dont worry maybe they messed up with a blood sample missing or wrong
Sometimes I'm underestimating the virus, I just thought that while on Tenofovir, there shouldn't be too many issues.
I'll send an update when i find out what went wrong.
Thanks, Steff
Can I ask how old you are
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Update: HBV virus and lft are ok.
They want to retest my kidneys, saying that i may have been dehydrated, although I’m drinking a minimum of 2L water / day.
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What is your age.  Age plays in consideration of treatment, since the treatment is not one fit all
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30 years. I'm already on tenofovir, started 6 months ago.
What do u mean with alt ? Is is hepatatis b virus level? I am new just went doctor, am chronic hepb and my hepatatis b level is 210.000.000 ui/ml
8.334 log10iu/ml
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