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what country accept a worker in hepa b positive??i'm always unfit to work when i'm applying abroad!!!i already apply in taiwan and malays...
Dear Team, I got vaccinated with twinrix (3 shots within 3 weeks) but never completed the whole course. I came to know from my doctor ...
I have noticed that whenever I eat bananas I feel very terrible. I recently did some research and found an article that showed people w...
I would like to thank the community in this web site helping us I have a question about Hepatitis B test results I had an erotic mass...
I like to recommend this webcast by Professor Anna Lok, presented by invitation at the recent CROI: webcast: https://www.croiwebcasts.or...
I just had my periodic ultrasound of liver + spleen. I got a letter from my doctor, saying that my liver + portal vein are normal, but th...
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