Hepatitis B Community

I have recovered from hep b infection. My surface antigen now is 0.00 and last Aug 2022, my hep b surface antibody is 20.71 mIU/ml. I jus...
March 2019 I was diagnosed as Hepa B positive and was given tenofovir as medication. After 1 gear and 7 months I went back to the hospita...
I was diagnosed with Hepatitis be during a routine Blood test. my Viral load indicated 18,256 copies. 3.26E3IU HBsAg+, HBsAb-, HBeAg-, ...
I am 45 years of age. ABSAG detected in the year 2011. Since then I am on homeo treatment. In the year 2016, HBVDNA - Undetectable. R...
I have been in a relationship for 6 months (now ex-partner). The day before yesterday she told me that she has hepatitis B. All our relat...
Well this is a good one! I just started going through my insurance these past 8 months and I got a note from them they starting July 1st,...
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