Hepatitis B Community

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis be during a routine Blood test. my Viral load indicated 18,256 copies. 3.26E3IU HBsAg+, HBsAb-, HBeAg-, ...
Hello, I’m hoping to get some education here please, as I have a specific concern about hep b. I received an unexpected attempt at give m...
Im taking tenofovir since 2019. But my hbeag still reactive and my ANTI HBE in non reactive. What can i do. Im verry stress everytime i s...
Hi guys. I check my SGPT level and its 60. Im verry sad guys. I dont know what to do. Help me what can i do. Im a seafarer and no any med...
I started with a Clinical Trial in 2014 which many have seen/followed that path on here. It was a double blind study of TAF vs TDF. I bel...
Makakapasa ba sa medical sa us ? Kahit na may hepa b Kasi yung fiance ko nasa us kinakabahan kasi ako baka di ako pumasa sa medical sayan...
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