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New hop from Bepirovirsen.

Few days ago, the company announced the results from stage 2b clinical trail. They will start stage 3 next year. Let's be optimistic.

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Developments like this occur every few years and goes nowhere.
If they wanted to create a cure, they could have a long time ago.

Look at this articule from 2015. There are other similar articles.


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The announcement about birinapant from the Walter Eliza Hall Institute was an absolute disgrace. It had tarnished the reputation of WEHI. But a comparison with GSK's bepirovirsen is also short-sighted. It had been through a very large phase2b clinical trial and is now the first HBV drug to go to a Phase3 clinical trial. I wish it all the best and every success.
As Stephen mentioned, As far as I remember, birinapant had severe neurological side effect, it was only in pre-climical or phase 1 RCT.
Right, birinapant caused facial palsy. And thanks for this article
All these years, I have been wondering do these drug companies have the incentives to find the cure at all!

Look at how expensive Vemlidy, even generic entecavir.
Patients taking these drugs for life!!
It is a perfect business model than offering a cure and then revenue stop coming in!
Fingers crossed. What’s your take on this StephenC? I know you have some insight into bepirovirsen.
I don't have any insight into bepirovirsen at all. Initially, when it was tested in a clinical trial by Professor Yuen et al., a high percentage of cure was reported. However, in subsequent clinical trials, this anti-sense oligonucleotide, "bepirovirsen at a dose of 300 mg per week for 24 weeks, resulted in sustained HBsAg and HBV DNA loss in 9 to 10% of participants with chronic HBV infection." Dr Andrew Valiant, from Replicor, and an expert on oligonucleotide, had a different opinion on how bepirovirsen worked.  A 10% cure rate is to be applauded, but it seems it may be only achieved in certain patients. Finally, I have a very dim view of FDA, the Hepatitis D drug, Bulevirtide, still has not been approved
Thank you, Stephen! Don't know why I was under the impression you knew more about it. I do agree that FDA has been discouraging in making anything related to HBV a priority. I personally am a little excited seeing some positive updates from time to time on Replicor. Dr. Andrew Vaillant seems to be heading somewhere with REP 2139, although from his website and I quote, "The establishment of high rates of functional cure (39%) and virologic control (39%). Elimination of the need for further treatment in 78 % of patients." I don't really understand why is it working in only 39% in current trials but 78% would not need treatment anymore. Is it just me that doesn't get it? haha. Appreciate your feedback
Yes, we have all been waiting for news from Replicor. I have not been actively following its news on REP2139. Dr Vaillant is very active on Hepbcommunity.org; you can reach him and ask him questions there.   Many of Replicor's early assertions about large volumes of HBsAg in the blood suppressing our immune system's response to HBV are widely accepted. What is still unclear is how REP2139 works to reduce/block the release of HBsAg from infected HBV cells. Therefore, it is difficult to understand why it does not work for all patients. At the same time, it is also difficult to ascertain its potential side effects. REP2139 also has a very complicated protocol in its clinical trials, especially its use together with Interferon. REP2139 has reported many compassionate uses and successes. Meanwhile, we all await to be surprised by good news from Replicor.

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