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Can you all share your HBsag trend vs HBV DNA?

Can you all share your HBsag quantitiative trend vs HBV DNA? Also pls share if you are on meds.

I am curious on whether there is a relationship between them. Thanks.

I'll start with mine. Its the first time i managed to test for HBsag quantitative.
HBsag 10,000IU/ml : HBV DNA und (on tdf for 3yrs, all other markers normal)
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Mine HBV DNA less than 20iu/ml for more than 5 years.

Hbsag 52,000iu/ml.

Took another test for Hbsag quant, result to be out in 2 weeks time. Sample was sent out of the country.

Feel fatigued, depressed and occassional headache
I also feel depressed each time I think abt this. Really hope our cure come soon and that it will be a 100% cure for everyone not just some. But I always try to look in a positive side that things will get better...hopefully we can all hang in there without any complications till or cure comes along.
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Currently no therapy and none all year long other than a few supplement here and there once in a while
I didn't know that HBV DNA can be so low without meds but yet have such a high hbsag. I wonder why is there this pattern?

Your dr didn't put you on meds because of your low DNA? U assume your ALT is normal too?
Is it possible for hbv dna to be undetected and hbeab +, hbeag- with hbsag+ for someone who has never taken any hep b medication at all? How does this work?
@ggtm. Lft normal which added to HBV und/low and high Hbsag quant unfortunately indicates alot of integration of the HBV dna with the hepatocytes gene of the liver and a high risk of HCC
@tun2017. How to lower HBsag? Are there any other natural immune-modulators that we can take to lower the level to 1000IU/ml? Im not expecting a miracle, but just dont feel good with a high HBsag.
@tun2017. But, isnt the aim of meds to lower DNA to undected and to normalise ALT? If this is correct, then isnt this approach contradictive?
@tun2017. So because of your naturally low DNA, your dr didnt want to put you on nucs? Or was it your choice? I read somewhere being on tdf for 17yrs can make one's HBsag become zero. So by right, taking nucs should lower HBsag. But why isnt this happening? Or is there a trend of spike then will lower after a certain number of years?
My HBsag quantitative is 17.000iu/ml and my HBV-DNA is low ,400-600iu/ml ,it is like this for years
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Hello  everyone, mine are. Im 23 yrs old, taking entracivr for 1 yr.

July 2016

HBV-DNA - >110000000
SGOT/AST - 27 u/L
sgpt/ALT - 69 u/L
HBSAG (Quanti) - 2561.800
HbeAg - 1812.517
Anti-Hbc IgG - Reactive
Abti-HBC IgM - Reactive


Sep. 2017

HBV-DNA -248 IU/mL
SGPT -28 u/L
HBSAG (Quanti) - 6451.600
HbeAg - 1038.857
Its strange after more than a yr on etv, your DNA is still not undected. By right it should be. Maybe you should change meds or combo it. What did your dr say?
Same med. Immune Active phase. Idk why hbsag levl is still high and my hbv dna is quite low nos
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HBSAG 306 / DNA 150
Your HBsag level is very good. Was it always this low?
Your HBsag level is very good. Was it always this low?
Diagnosed in 2015,dna between 40 and 150 all this time. Sag just became available since January of this year. Dropped from 350 to 300 in 6 months.
I’m not on any meds
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Last 7 years on TDF
Last 60 days on TAF
Last results 8/24/17
Hbeag -ve Hbeab +ve
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About a month ago, my hbv dna was 2700iu/ml, and my hbsag quantity was 17000iu/ml. I was diagnosed with chronic hbv two years ago, and my hbv dna has swinged between around 1000iu to 3000iu. I'm not under treatment for hbv, and have only had one test for hbsag quantity. I'm of the opinion there is no any clear relationship between hbv dna and hbsag.
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HBV DNA is 61.5,hbeAg -ve0.06
I used lamivudine tenofovir disopril fumarate for 8 months and stopped in November 2016;i have not used medication since then only herbal sometimes
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My results after 2 years with TDF
November 2015:

November 2017:
HBSAg - 5.290
ALT 91 ( limit is 21-72)
AST 33 (limit is 17-59)
Creatinine 1 (limit is 0.6-1)
Urea 27 (limit is 15-45)

The last fibromax test was 2 years ago and indicated F0
I will go to a fibroscan test, but I know if I take TDF, fibrosis not increase. My ALT level was above normal range almost all the time. For example: In 21.10.2016 was 94 and creatinine was 1.1.
I noticed that when I was going to the gym my ALT was in normal range ( 17.07.2017  ALT was 61 and creatinine was 0.9). For two weeks I started going back to the gym and I wait to see what results I will have (next monitoring result will be in January 2018)
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I wonder if it is safe to not treat when HBsag is v high but DNA is low. How is the outlook of this in the long run since higher HBsag has higher risk of liver cancer.
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Date 26 /07/ 2016
HBV DNA > 100000000 copies/ml
Date 17 / 05/ 2017
HBV DNA 9924 copies/ml
Date 5 /nov/ 2017
HBV DNA 1100 copies/ml

Liver function test

Date 26/July/2016

Alt(sgpt) 83 u/l
AST (sgot) 49 u/l

Date 03/nov/16

Alt(sgpt) 54 u/l


Date 25/march/2017

Alt(sgpt) 45 u/l


Date 17/may/2017

Alt(sgpt) 53 u/l
AST (sgot) 38 u/l

Date 11/july/2017

Alt(sgpt) 77 u/l
AST (sgot) 54 u/l

Date 01/Nov/2017

Alt(sgpt) 89 u/l
AST (sgot) 43  u/l
Date 11/Nov/2017

Alt(sgpt) 62 u/l
17/ may /2017
HBe Ag  1477
Anti HBe  70.1

17/ July /2016
HBe Ag  1632
Anti HBe  68.5

02/ nov /2017
HBe Ag  1247.22
Anti HBe  57.71


Date April 4 2017
Median 5.4  
Iqr*/med 6%
Irq* 0.3

Date nov 11 2017
Median 6.1
Iqr*/med 8%
Irq* 0.5

Since last 3 months I am taking Tenofovir
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