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Chronic Hep B - Possible HCC - Extremely concerned - Please advise

Has anyone with Chronic Hep b had an elevated AFP l3 level with normal Liver enzyme, F0-F1 fibrosis 5.2 kpa ?  This was checked early this year on 1/22/2021 and the total AFP was 7.1 with negative AFP L3 and DCP. A follow up MRI showed benign hemangioma. Fast forward to 9/15/2021  US still shows nothing but benign hemangioma. AFP is 5.0 but the triple panel marker shows elevated AFP L3 . The Dr. would like to follow-up with another MRI with contrast now. It's quite concerning and I'm unable to sleep...    
Thank you
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Just relax. Sadly with hepatitis b there’s not much you can do.  I m not trying to be mean but it’s just how it is. Do the regular check ups and practice healthy behavior.

For us HCC is a real thing and could happen anytime even at our healthy stage.

Hopefully everything will be ok.  And I would stress over it until they find something.  I know it’s harder than said. I lost family members to cancer and learned a lot about outlooks and daily living.
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