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Creatinine is 1.1 on Tenofovir & eGFR is 86%

I'm on Tenofovir for past 7 Years and My Serum creatinine is 1.1 mg/dL and eGFR is 86 % . Rest all the parameters like BUN,URIC acid are normal. LFT is normal and HBV PCR is undetected for past 7 years

Should I bother about the eGFR value ?
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check cystatin c it will tell you if you have damage
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Do you have any idea if a white meat diet and normal salt intake significantly affects creatinine / egfr ?
Thanks Stef. My cystatin c is  1.4 mg/L where normal range is <= 1.03mg/L. What your opinion on this ? Should I change to TAF now?
Should I be worried now?
definitely change to TAF, is bone density ok?
Sure Stef.  Have to check the bone density. Please let me know what tests I should do ?
dexa scan

i also had an increase of creatinine from 0.8-0.9 to 1.27 (max 1.3) and cystatin C 0.97 (max 0.95), bone scan -1.5.i should recover al of them by 1 year on entecavir
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You have to watch the trend, how were your results over the years ? Did egfr consistently went down, or is it alternating ?
For example i had once 95 egfr, and the next result was 115. It depends on your water intake as well. It should be a minimum of 2L / day.
But definitely keep an eye on it
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I think it is consistently went down. My Creatinine value was constantly around 1.0 to 1.1 after starting tenofovir .
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