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Hep B anc C are viruses, you catch them, they are infectious diseases. Fatty liver is a build up of fat in your liver that is caused by improper nutrition and lack of exercise and possibly there is a genetic component meaning some people are born "prone" to fatty liver.
You can correct fatty liver with a good diet and exercise program. You need to speak to your doctor about how to manage your disease if you have Hep B or C as each person's personal health situation is key in how you manage the disease.
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Here's some reading material for you...Enjoy!

<a href="http://hepcchallenge.org/choices/nutrition.htm">HCV diet</a>
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WoW!!! I wish I lived with you Forseegood or Rockerforlife. I'd be real healthy!!!!! I eat pretty well but get overwhelmed sometimes trying to balance everything I think I am supposed to be eating - seems like a lot - I'm pretty small! I LOVED snooks vitamin regimen further down in reply to a post. I'm borrowing some of it.
I got too scared a while back when my enzymes went way high from an herbal regimen I was doing. I cut everything out except a multivite without iron that the doc recommended(very hard to get down). I even threw out my Bragg's apple cider vinegar, sob sob. I'm getting some more and going to gradually add some other good stuff that i get from all you on the forum
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Hi, hope youre well today, ya know, I'm always a bit sorry to read posts like yours, and I have many times before, cause I guess I want people to be really healthy in terms of this dastardly disease, and I guess I see people taking one (usually, over the counter regimen) and then, to my mind, throwing the baby out with the bathwater cause then they give up most all the things they were taking along with the regimen if their alts were raised...

I'm not saying the regimen you took *didn't* raise your alts, but that can come under some question...there are sooooo many variables we are talking about here...

Firstly, I'm a strong believer in titering up, taking just a teeny bit of a regimen, then just gradually building up to where your system can acclimate to it, I have read so many times where some so called expert told a patient to take what, to me, is a really big dose of something, 3 times a day, etc...and I believe the system, the liver, etc can get overwhelmed and register high enzymes...many people (I'm not speaking of you particularly) can go at this in the wrong way, or be told mis-leading info from some well-meaning shmoe in a health food store...

Also, and Dr. Zhang and some others experts in the field concur with this, sometimes a regimen can raise enzymes at first, then gradually they can come down to almost normal, but certainly, that involves many more issues and the variables...there's a cluster of different possiblities...

Guess, in my typical long winded way, I'm trying to say...just because one regimen didn't work for you, doesn't mean that some of these other things like Apple Cider vin (as benign as that is) should all be painted with the same brush...don't remember if you said you were treating or not, and that of course plays a part in treatment regimens...I myself am sensitive to drugs and supplementation, so I had to do a gradual process for myself, introducing certain things, etc...but some things like Berry Juice par example (unless I have an allergic reaction to berries, etc) I feel this is totally benign to most people...

I did a long tried and true testing on myself and consulted with many experts and have come to a kind of consensus in my own regimen...and all I can say is, I've had this virus an awful long time and my labs continue to be quite good considering, and I have low liver damage...these questions are so complicated...is it my diet? diet or exercise? diet and exercise and supplementation? There does seem to be people out there with not the best of lifestyles, yet they seem to benefit from supps...it's so complicated...

Usually, considering the small amount of studies taken on these issues, a person who is likely to be taking supplementation is usually the sort of person who is also eating well and exercising...usually...

So it's really difficult to parse out what exactly is bestowing benefits and to what measure...maybe all these things work synergistically to help the body keep a kind of balance, I certainly don't claim to know for sure about any of this, and the docs and researchers certainly don't know that in any kind of definitive way either...

I think anyone who has been around patient boards for awhile eventually comes to see that there are still, many, many unanswered questions out there, with a lot of so called experts, making, at the most, educated evaluations...there's just not a lot of conclusive data...

I, myself, had certain bodily reactions to certain protocols of TCM, so I went at it the other way, I take mostly a goodly amount of anti-oxidants, and just a few herbs, and this works for me...My friend Califia and many other people I know, did amazingly well with TCM, hopefully, you'll find something that works for you as well...
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Now, wanna see what a healthy young man eats on any given saturday?
Woke up, popped a multivitamin, selenium, flaxseed oil, time realesed vitamin c, alpha lipocic, zinc, and a lecithin capsule..
Blended up a fresh strawberry, papaya, and bananna smoothie, with protein supplement added of course. This was at 7:30 am..

9:00am, went to breakfast and ate two eggs over medium, cornedbeef hash, grits, and rye toast.. LARGE sweet ice tea

1:00pm, went to Samarai, a Japanese restaurant where they cook the food on your table. I ate Filet Mignon and shrimp, fried rice, mushroom appetizer, soup, and spicy tuna rolls.

Its now about 4, and I'm getting ready to eat again. Possibly blending up another shake, with Mango, papaya, and bluberries..And of course some protein supplement.. That ought to hold me till 8 pm when the wife gets home and we get some dinner.

My weakness, my tummy!!I love to eat! Yet, maintain a 6ft, 175lb frame. My wife wants to sew my mouth shut..

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Rock: My breakfast today:Spirlina greens drink....1 tbsp cummin seed...1 tbsp flax seed...1 tbsp blackstrap molasses...1/4 shot glass of apple cidar vinager...1 high quality multi-vitamin(minus the iron and vit A...500MG vit c...500mg NAC....I should mix it all together and make a hearty soup....your all welcome to come over for dinner.

Rock, where is the food part?

For the record, I started out pretty good with scrambled egg whites in virgin olive oil on a multigrain English Muffin with letuce plus a small bowl of oatmeal, banana and soy milk. Lunch was a turkey burger, large salad and sweet potatoe. Probably should have stopped there but a little hungry so washed down the healthy stuff with a muffin top and iced coffee. Thinking of a small steak sandwhich for dinner with some vegetable or salad since I haven't had any red meat for awhile.
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Snook: sounds good to me, one thing that's not pointed out that much around here, I think, it's not always a question of what you give up, (so many people freak out that they have to give up all their guilty pleasures, maybe just trim them down a little, that's all).....things in moderation are always good (except if youre a sugar fanatic, this is bad for the liver, try to cut down, not you Snook, you know this already)

It's mostly a question of what you ADD to your diet that can be helpful...you can eat a slice of greasy pizza once in awhile, just try to make sure you eat a few healthy veggies with it, with some olive oil, etc...so you have the good enzymes to digest al that garbage...then make sure you add fruits and veggies to you diet, and gradually youre diet becomes better and better, cause the good food tastes better and better to you after awhile...

There is also a psychological thing too that I think Chev pointed out, and I share this with her, though it might sound controversial, ha ha! I get a little turned on when I eat something really good for me, like it's doing me good and helping to fight this disease I have...

Dance Girl: I left out something of interest that proves something to me, at least to some extent...2 years ago now I had a new doc that told me to cut out all my herbs and supplementation, all of it, to see what would happen...within a few weeks I started to feel what I think are some of the worst symptoms of this disease, I started to get acid reflux, started to get dark circles, fluey feelings, night sweats, etc. etc...wow, I thought I was really sick!!!! I even got an attack of these hives for two days that went away with some anti-histamines...

So I figured, what am I doing differently? And I remembered, well, I'm not on my supplementation, my diet and exercise regimen was the same though...

I took some blood values right in that period, and my alts went up to 70, they had never been that high before, though I'll allow it could of been coincidental...

Well, I went right back on my regimen and I felt better within a week...so, for me, I can have two tons of naysayers telling me that supplementation is hogwash, whatever they want to say, all I know is it works for me and I'll do anything I can not to feel those creepy symptoms again, now for the most part I just have fatigue...

I am waiting to see what my next step is....have a great weekend!
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I was eating great for a while.  I would wake up make myself a soy shake with bannas and strawberries and some whey poweder.  Cut out all milk and cheese.  I was eating two servings of vegetables a day and for dinner I would ussually eat Salmon or some type of light fish or chicken.

Then my girlfriend broke up with me.  and i'm back to Starbuchs in the morning, Mountain dew, Dominoes Pizza, and a pack of cigs on top.

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Wow, Rocker, youre intense! thought I was bad, ha ha! Mine, oatmeal with blueberries and cinnamon, some soy milk (oh, btw, Ina, have read some studies lately that soy has gotten a bad rap, it is pretty darn good for most people unless they are proven allergic, of course, in moderation)

One 5 minute egg...and a drink I drink made from different kinds of berries, it's called Berry Splash from Garden of Greens....

I drink a glass of it every morning, one spoonful in a glass of water...it's got Acai Berry, Green Tea, Grape Skin, Rasberry, Lycium (Gogi) berry, Billberry, Blueberry, Elderberry, Pomegrante, Cherry, Blackberry, and Cranberry Extracts...it gives you a little pep and so many anti-oxidants, one can can last you a pretty long time...

For supplements I take in the morning, Orega-max (big blast of plain old oregano) Biotin (swear, my hair and nails are better since I started taking this) Glucosamine&Chondrointin and MSM, Betaine HCI, Ultimate 10 probiotic, 500 of Ester C, small amount of Vitamin D....the rest of my supplementation....I take some at in early evening and before bed...always with food...I have also been taking the Apple Cider vin but that's not till later, whew!

I also have a smoothie in the afternoon of fruits, soy or goat milk and goat yogurt...Ive been eating like this for years, and taking these supplements, when people complain of taking like fish oil capsules or something, I can't relate to it, it's so second nature to me to take this stuff by now, I don't think about it...I make sure I have a lot of liquid, a lot of liquid in my mouth with the pill, and then knock my head back, no problem swallowing...please Goofus, if you make a remark I'll find ya...Anyway, that's my breakfast and a few other tidbits, like I said, you get used to it...

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If you could supply me with a couple of your daily menus, I would truly appreciate it.  I am all for healthy eating.  
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what's wrong with starbucks anyway? it goes well with my pancakes and scrambled eggs(whole eggs, vegetarian fed)

you really think that if you don't load up on spirulina and alpha lipoic, that you are not healthy??
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hmmm, for lunch I just had a baked salmon sushi roll (don't eat raw fish anymore but I love it) some veggie tempura and a cold water and a litte bit of tangerine juice cocktail, lime squeeze...lunch is when I take tumeric extract (same thing as cummin I guess Rocky) 200 of vit e, 500 mg of Black Current Oil, 600 NAC, little bit of licorice root, little bit of Ashwagandha herb, a capsule of Schizandra Berry Powder, (that's a staple of TCM, but I just don't do a whole TCM protocol) I would take a fish oil capsule but I just had some salmon so I won't....

It's fun to see what other people are taking and eating, I'm sure people can be healthy (all you SVR's out there) without taking all the stuff I do...I just still have the bugs so I'm pretty careful of what I eat and I take a good regimen..for me...

I just think it would of been funny if someone posted:

Well, I had sausage, waffles and jelly, coffee and cigarettets for breakfast, lunch is two big Macs, large fries and a shake, dinner is a coupla Crispy Cremes and pepperoni pizza slices and an RC Cola, ha ha! but nobody did...we gotta have a sense of humor with all this or I'd get crazier than I already am...
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Hey, I didn't know you could spell out ass here, good to know going forward...
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It wasn't the whole regimen, it was the black cohosh, I didnt know what I didnt know and got real freaked out
I'm not treating yet, son is starting in Sept, but I did feel heathier when I took some supplements and ate better - I do eat fish but no meat for a long time

jmjm your diet looks good, the challenge for me is finding meals that everyone can or rather WILL eat
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I could of told you black cohosh was bad news, I thought so way back when - years ago and everyone was going on about it...I took it and felt speedy...always a red flag to me so I stopped immediately...then the negatives started coming in...sometimes I have to be my own lab rat, and I'm so sensitive I can listen to my body....

I know what you mean if you have a family and you have to cook and shop for everyone...I'm taking care of a 17 year old girl now (I've never been a mother before) and it was REALLY hard getting her to eat like me, it took her awhile to adjust, ha ha! I also had to take into account that kids have really sensitive palettes, something to them can taste twice as spicy, etc.. then to an old bag like me...ha ha!

But I had her adjust to it little by little, I didn't make her change her whole way of eating right off...and she still does Taco Bell and McDonalds, etc at least once a day, (somedays not) cause she craves it sooooo bad...but then she eats pretty decently for breakfast and dinner, she's developing a palette for veggies and fruits she didn't have before, so it can be done...she's actually opting for nectarines and plums over candy, that's a miracle right there! I even have her drinking aloe vera juice! ha ha!

When I told her she'd clear up her pimples (and she has done for the most part) that kind of motivated her, and that she'd keep her weight down...kids are pretty basic in their needs as you well know...now she's pretty much used to it as long as she can have the junk food a little as well...hope youre having a nice weekend....
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For breakfast I had a large cup of vanilla capachino. For lunch I had Porkiepines (Hamburger with rice in it and ketchup and onions in case no one knows what that is.) Salad, feta noodles with creamy sauce. Cheese cake with stawberrys. All of this was at a family reunion. On the way home grabbed a cinnamin roll. For supper had 4 coneys at coney i-lander. Now can you believe that. Heehee. Wished I could hide my name. I am so ashamed, well not too bad. I am going to change I promise.
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Yeah and don't forget to judge and preach.:)
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Thats funny, Hope you got some onions on them coneys
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you betcha
91778 tn?1252555170
you betcha
91778 tn?1252555170
you betcha
91778 tn?1252555170
oops how did that happened
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Reading this thread is like a cha cha, Tulsatime to Can do Man, Tulsa time to Can do man, ha ha! Anyway, hope I wasn't coming off as preachy, I'm totally okay with what anyone wants to do or eat, as long as they are not hurting anybody...we were just talking about supplementation and food and I thought I'd put down what I do and why....hope everyone is doing great tonight....
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