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HBV and HDV infection


thank you for always help my health. last week i tested my HDV. please find attached picture showed my test result. HDV is very high. ALT/AST is very high. HBV is normal .... my doctor said: now asap start Peginterferon + tenofovir. last month i changed Entecavir to Tenofovir. now i using for alone tenofovir. but china doctor said: if your ALT/AST high then dont start peginterferon + tenofovir. what should i do? i'm afraid for this result.
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Your HBsAg quantitive is so low. Is it becasue HDV coinfection that HDV suppress HBsAg release or it's not related ?
With such low HBsAg and high ALT you have great chance to clear HBs on peginf but your advanced fibrosis may be a problem. Not sure if you need tenofovir if your hbv dna is close to undetectable now.
Also why both HBe and antiHBe are negative ? I thought one is always positive for chronic carriers ? Also anti-HBc is always possitive in chronic carriers too. So your tests look very uncommon.
Maybe some more experienced users can comment this, theres many questions here.
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thank you. my last result 2015.07.15.
HBsAg - 79.73
Anti-HBs <2
HBeAg 0.935
Anti-HBe - 1.39
Anti-HBc - 0.006
PreS1Ag - 0.021
PreS1Ab - 0.023
ALT - 372.4
AST - 155.0
HDV - 11831083copies/ml, 3479731IU/ml
HBV - 30copies/ml, 9IU/ml.

my HBsAg is low. i think HBsAg is related for HDV. why my HDV not related for HBsAg?
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Of course HDV can not exist without HBV.
It's important if your HBsAg is quantitive result ? If yes, it's very good result but not sure also if advanced fibrosis doesn't mess something here.
Let's wait for other comments.
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