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HEPA B LAB TEST I would like to ask about my result. Please any idea

I have done my lab test but not yet finish my ultra sound so i have to wait till next week to see my doctor i am just worried about my result. Please help what is the meaning of this?
SGT/ALT 41.20
SGT/ALS 61.60

Anti hbe 0.01 reactive
Hbeag 0.29 non reactive
Hbsag 5042.43 reactive

Please help me to understand. Am i in danger?
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Anyone can help please
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Hi Pinay20,

From the results above you may be either have an acute or chornic infection of Heptatitis B. How long have you known about your Hepatitis B infection?

Your ALT is very slightly elevated, but this could be due to fatty liver or exercise. Do you have your HBV DNA test results? You should regularly monitor yourself to see how your body is managing with Hepatitis B.

Here are some regular tests you can get done, please see below, this information will help you and your doctors manage your disease.

Preliminary Information:
1.       How long you have had HBV? (example, birth, don’t know)
2.       Family history of Liver Cancer HCC
3.       HBV Genotype

Group1: every 6 months (Virus and Immune activity monitoring)
1.       ALT + Liver Panel (Bilirubin, Albumin,  etc).
2.       HBV DNA
3.       HBsAg Quantitative
4.       HBeAG – only if previously positive

Group 2: every 6 months (HCC Screening, men over 40, women over 50, and Africans above 20)
1.       Ultrasound (Liver contour, Spleen Size, Portal Vein Diameter)
2.       AFP
3.       DCP des-gamma carboxy prothrombin (optional)
4.       AFP-L3% (optional)

Group 3: every year
1.       Fibroscan
2.       Fibrosure / Fibrospect (optional)

Group 4: (every few years if HBVDNA detectable)
1.       Precore/Core Mutations
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HBV viral load
HBV viral load
2,039 IU/mL
11,867 copies/mL
The detectable range with this method is 20 - 170,000,000 IU/mL
(116 - 989,400,000 Copies/mL)
The method used for HBV Viral Load PCR is COBAS® AmpliPrep/COBAS® TaqMan®
HBV DNA Test, Version 2.0
A viral load lower than 20 IU/mL may be detected, but not accurately
The quantification is homogeneous for all HBV genotypes tested.
The COBAS® AmpliPrep/COBAS® TaqMan® HBV DNA Test is not intended for use
as a screening test for blood or blood products for the presence of HBV
or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HBV infection.

what is the meaning of this please?
Your viral load is good, it is around 2,000 IU/ML, you want it to be this much or lower. You need to regularly monitor, when you start monitoring you check every 3 months for 1 year then every 6 months.

You want the following:

1. HBVDNA should be equal to or less than 2,000 iu/ml (10,000 copies/ml)
2. ALT less than or equal to 25 for Females or 35 for Male

In your case you need to keep an eye on these tests monitor over time to see where the virus is going. The virus and how your body is reacting to it is changing all the time, thats why regular monitoring is needed. One test cannot tell you everything. You should also find out what is your E Antigen status (HBEAG). If the numbers start trending up then you should consider treatment, if they start trending down then you should monitor. Get the fibroscan as well to see if you have any Fibrosis.

Regarding your ALT it could be related to exercise, fatty liver, all the other things I mentioned above, you need to rule all of that out. What GOOD doctors do is they look at all the tests and regularly monitor you and the virus to see how you are doing. They look at the full picture.

Do not panic from one small ALT elevation. Historically your results have been good I am assuming.

Thank you sir
What do you mean by exercise sir? I started doing gym recently. Is that affect my liver?  Thanks again for your answer.
I doesn't affect your liver but heavy exercise can raise liver enzymes like the ALT. Your only concern should be when liver enzymes are raised due to Hepatitis or Fatty Liver or something.
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Ive known this since 2004, my last result was 2015 from my ALT/ALS 21 and 22, i was just surprised now that i got 41 and 61 result. Yes im doing my exercise now in gym its my 2 weeks almost since i started and its my first time. I dont drink and smoke and i do watched my food. Do you think this is because of my exercise? Ill be having my liver ultrasound on thursday and DNA as well. Not sure my hepB if condition if ita active or inactive. Worried though. Thanks for your response.
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You should get on a regular monitoring routine, especially for ALT and HBVDNA. Fibroscan and ultrasound is also important as you get older. ALT can go up for many reasons, it could be due to Hepatitis B, heavy exercise, fatty liver, tylenol, or alcohol.

If you regularly monitor you will know if it is because of your Hepatitis B.
Thanks i will do your advice
Have a blessed day
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My doc precribed me tebofo B for 3months and godex ds.
Ive heard tenofo is lifetime medication how come my doctor gave me 3mos only?
Is that how worst my case is?

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