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Help with Liver function tests

Hi people,

I am looking forward for your help and advices,

My blood test results:

Hepatits B-DNA, hepatits C-RNA

              a. Hepatits B-DNA      quantity >1.70E8 IU/mL


1. Hepatits B, HBsAg quantity>124925.00 IU/mL

2. Hepatitis B, HBsAg, CMIA

3. Hepatitis B, HBeAg

4. Hepatitis B, HBe-Ak

5. HIV 1/HIV 2-Ag/Ak, CMIA

Liver function tests:

P-bilirubine 62  61 ,26 micromole/L
P-ASAT 0.51
P-ALAT 0.78

I wrote my results,
I live in Sweden (moved to Sweden 2 years ago), I am 24 years old.
The way I wrote Liver function tests, may be confusing,
any way as my doc said, ASAT and ALAt are normal, but bilirubine is pretty high.
I really dont know why they claim I have Gilbert syndrome.
My eyes, since I was detected with HBV (11 years ago) are yellow, also my younger sister has chronic HBV, and I assume I have it from birth.
Since then, i have digestion problems, eating like gluten, even some diary products leads to pain (gall bladder dysfunction)

Along these years, I accumulated as much info as possible on HBV, yet when i visit my doc everything i read seems to be wrong.
Two months ago, i visited my doctor here in Sweden/Stockholm.
He did me a fibroscan, which revealed that my liver is in good conditions.
I really thought that after reading my results, he will give me antivirals to lower HBV viral load.
Well, it was something different, he said my liver is in good condition even though the viral load is high.
As he said, I dont have to go on antivirals, he said we wait for immune system response to HBV, then as inflammatory liver  and changes in ALT and AST, they will help me giving me medicine.

When I said my doctor, if gallbladder may suffer from lifer problems (HBV), he said is not right , and gall bladder has nothing to do with liver problems.

Well, my assumption, was that my gall bladder problems, are related to liver problems. I am really confused now, I dont know if there is something I should do. Or just wait and hope for the best.

Kind regards,
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You should closely monitor yourself, your ALT/AST values.
Why don't you get a second opinion from another liver specialist? If they disagree go to a third one.
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According to guidelines you should repeat your tests in 3 months time and if HBV DNA > 2000 and ALT > 40 you should probably start with treatment.
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