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Hepa B on pregnant women

my pregnant friend found out that she is positive for hepa b. she's worried that it might affect her developing baby (physically & the baby's internal organs). Her partner doesn't know it yet and she's also afraid that she might have infected him too.What should I tell her? Is there a chance for her cure?
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I'm sorry but I have no idea.  Most of us in here have hepC and none of us are doctors.  I am sure someone will come in with some valuable information - I just didn't want you to think your post was going ignored.

What did her doctor have to say?  That is usually the best and most honest advice you can get on things like this.

Personally I had HepC and did not know it - and gave birth to two healthy kids without the virus.  I don't know if it's the same or not...but I do know that many of us are VERY lucky to have had that happened.

Best of luck.
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Hep A is usually transmitted via contaminated food.

Hep B is usually transmitted via sexual relations.

Hep C is transmitted via contact with contaminated blood.

Which is not to say A & B can't be transmitted that way also.

I would definitely tell my partner and have him be tested also.  Depending on how long they have been partners he might have been the one to infect her.

I don't have any knowledge about the baby or how it's affecting him/her.  Continue with the doctor and get treated!!  Hep B is definitely curable.
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honestly I can't imagine anyone with decent morals not telling their partner so that they could be seen by a doctor but I bet it happens all of the time.

PLEASE encourage your friend to fess up - even though it's a hard thing to do. Any chance he gave it to HER or is it definite she got it outside of the relationship? Otherwise...that's something to think about.

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I'm not a doctor but I was trained to performed blood tests.  Hepatitis B is blood born disease. It is transmitted via blood such as using contaminated needles,razors, toothbrushes, or if your broken skin (rash, cuts, wounds...) gets contact with contaminated blood; and like HIV, HBV is also a sexual transmitted disease, and mother can pass virus to her children. Her partner and her baby could have virus in their blood but may not show any symptoms. There is no complete cure for it but you can eliminate the damages by getting treatment as soon as possible before it becomes severe and leads to liver cirrhosis.  My nephew is diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B. And I am worried. Good luck to all.
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