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Hepatitis B and lump under sternum


My husband has been diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis B four years ago.  His father just died of liver cancer that time because if Hep B, and himself and his siblings got tested for the virus.  He was the only one who tested positive and although he just got tested, he probably had the virus since he was a child.  He has a gastroenterologist who placed him on a combination treatment of two know Hepatitis B drugs - Baraclude and Hepsera.  He undergoes a DNA test for the virus every 6 months to monitor its reaction to the drugs.

Around June of last year, he had an ultrasound of his liver and it was found that he had fatty liver with a spot of fat sparing.  His doctor ordered an AFP test and it turned out ok.

Around last month, he got another ultrasound of his liver and it was found that he had diffused fatty deposits on his liver.  Shortly after that, my husband has been feeling a dull, uncomfortable pain on his right rib cage, especially when he lies down.  We saw his doctor about that and she ordered a cholesterol test for him, along with his regular DNA test, because she suspected that his liver is inflamed.  The DNA results are still pending, but his cholesterol levels are at 235.42.

Also, this morning he announced to me that he has recently felt a lump below hi sternum.  I felt it and it was a marble-sized lump that was hard and about half an inch below his sternum.  His doctor is currently out of town and I am at a loss as to how to proceed.

I have been reading online and some people reported that this "lump" is actually just their xiphoid process and that they just started to feel it now that they have lost weight.

My husband has lost some weight, around 8kgs.  But his weight loss was gradual and not abrupt, and was probably caused by him losing his appetite a few months before.  His appetite seems ok now.

Anyway,  I am wondering whether this lump is just his xiphoid process or if this is something that warrants more concern?  Given his chronic Hepatitis B and other symptoms, I am very concerned.  As his doctor is currently out of town, I thought of asking this question here in the hopes that I might know soon how i will proceed and for my peace of mind.

Thank you very much and I hope I get an answer soon.

Best regards,
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What are AST/ALT levels ?

The pain in sternum may be a different one (unrelated to Hep-B). Hep-B if untreated could lead to cirrosis (of liver) and ultimately liver failure, Since your husband is already on treatment path, he should get better.

Regarding sternum pain, here is a link that I came across :
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Thank you so much for this info!
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