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How bad is hbsag >250

my father has HBsAg > 250 iu/ml. Now we are going to do a further test to determine whether it is acute or chronic. My question is how bad is >250 iu/ml ?
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HBSG> 5IU is positive for HEPB, please consult hepatalogist asap, he will order liver panel tests , then  u can decide treatment needed or not
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We conducted the further test and we found these results:

HBsAg quantitative 2194.87 IU/ml

HBVDNA Real-Time PCR 2664 IU/ml

Anti-Hbc IgM, serum - 0.10

Anti-Hbc total serum - 10.15

Anti-Hbe serum 0.01

HbeAg serum - 0.26

I know that my father is infected. But how can I classify this as acute or chronic.. please help me

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