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I dont know my infection of hep B is acute or chronic. But doctor start my antiviral

When i donated blood,blood bank called me and told me that i am infected with hepatitis b.

Then as per their suggestion, i visited hospital

They told be to conduct some test and results are as below.

Hbsag : Reactive 87010.37 IU/ml
SGOT : 52
SGPT : 61

Then they told me to conduct another tests

Hbeag : Reactive 1058.29 S/Co
Anti HBeab : Non Reactive 55.33 Ratio

HBA Viral Load : Above 17000000 IU/ml

MR Elastrography : liver is smooth, appears normal. Fat fraction is 2 to 4%, Shear Stiffness value 3.2 KPa.

After seeing all reports doctor MD Gastro. told me that you HBA viral load is too high and  swelling on my liver.
Hence they decided to start tenofovir alafenamide 25 mg tablet for 3 months to reduce viral load of HBV.
After 3 months they will decide to start treatment of injection

There is confusion in mind that it is not detected that my infection is acute or chronic. Then why doctor started my treatement.
If my infection is suppose to acute then
tenofovir alafenamide to be benificial to me ? Or it will converts me to chronical HB phase.

I am very confussed....
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I'm afraid your infection could be chronic. Usually when you are in acute phase your ALT and AST are huge. But this is not a rule so everything is possible.

Igm Anti Hbc could tell you if you have an acute infection. Usually this marker will be positive if it's a new infection.

The usual practice is to wait 6 months to see if you clear the infection. I don't understand why your doctors want to start a treatment right away.

Do you have any suspicion that you've been exposed in the last 6 months to this virus?  

Anyway. I hope you are alright. It is a scary diagnosis, but it is not the end of the world, I promise you. If you take care of  yourself and you take your medicine you will be fine:)
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