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Is endoscopy test too painful?

My 2 nephew (8 Years) and niece (12 years) both are suffering from chronic hepatitis B by birth, Doctor has suggested some blood tests along with endoscopy, please let me know how painful is this test, can both small children bear this? I am very much fearing for this.  
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Hello, I am sorry to hear that your niece and nephew are ill.  I had an endoscopy and was sedated, I never knew anything had happened.
My throat was a little dry but other than that I was fine.  I think it is really nice for you to check.
I hope all goes well, Dee
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You should ask your doctor the reasons for ordering endoscopy for your nephew and niece. Endoscopy is not a simple procedure, there must be good justifications for it, such as Fibroscan score, biopsy results, palette count, prothrobin time etc.
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They wont even know it happened.
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