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Lost Hbsag.. Am I cured

Hello there.
I was healthy male. I donated blood in Jun 2016. I was info that I have hepatitis b.
I went to doc in Aug 2016 and blood test.
Resultvas under..
Hbsag negative
Anti hbs 1.25
I was vaccinated in Nov 2016.
In Jun 2017 I had test again it came as under
Hbsag positive
Hbseag negative
Viral load 6530
Sgpt 28
In next Sept I tested again I got similar result except viral load reduced 359
In Jun 2018 I tested again the result is same except viral load, which came as undetected.
Next in Dec 2018 I tested again and here is my result
Hbsag negative
Anti hbs 12.3
Sgpt 26
Doc said...  I have cleared hepatitis b.
But did I.
I am confused.  Yes guideline says virus will be cleared in 6 months.
In my case it took almost two and half years.
Is it OK?
One or in the entire I have mistaken any antiviral.
For your kind opinion pl.
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I mean...  There was no medication in the entire procesd
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Please I don't know how to interpret my HBV-DNA results

October 2018  results:
HBV-DNA = 7.84E+2 IU/ml by PCR

June 2018  results:
HBV-DNA = 1.23E+3 IU/ml by PCR

Which of the above result is better ? What do they mean in actual figures?

These results were done in a Public hospital in China.

I would be grateful for your advice.

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Is this the results after 6mths?  Is your IMG positive or negative?
I mean IGM
Sorry for late reply. Yes these result is after 6 moths. IGM, what does it mean please. Thanks
In June 2018 HBc-Ab = 15.920 and in November 2018 HBc-Ab = 23.430. Thanks
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