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My HBsAg quantitative by roche architecture - First Time

Male .. 40 y ..
chronic hebatitis b ..
my alt is always ranging 32-45
wbc lower than normal lower limit = around 3500

i started baraclude since september 2012 (one year and 2 months) hbvdna went to undetectable immediately after taking babraclude .5 mg .. before that was ranging 2000-5000 iu/ml

fibroscan in aug 2012 was 6.3 kpa

today i got my hbsag quantitative by roche architecure:
Patient Report
Immunology Unit
Hepatitis B surface (HBs) Ag (quantitative)   613.81   IU/ml                   range<-0.05

Report Date :  17/12/2013

iam using other than baraclude .5:
vit d3  5000 iu daily or day by day ..
omega 3 (omacor) high concentration of eda

coffee daily 2 cups .. trying to avoid fat as much as i can ..

what is your comments?
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forgot to say iam negative HBeAg ..

I quoted this from 2010 post for stef2011: "there is a precentage of lucky ones on cronic hbv and a huge number of inactive carriers that have it at 1000-1600iu/ml.
Since interferon can lower hbsag 1-2logs it can make seroconversion on most of these low hbsag. "

good progress ..
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is 6.3 kpa fibroscan score sort of high?
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wow what a wonderful result, you already have endogenous intf production (low wbc, maybe also low end of normal platlets) and high ip-10.what is your genotype?

if you add on peginterferon you may clear hbv very fast like otan

fiborscan is normal
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remember to test always by roches elecsys in the future because there can be different values from architect to elecsys.for some ranges, some genotypes, elecsys is reported to register little higher values and should have very little diluition error

i just wrote a study and the best machine is architect with the new kit for onboard dilution, error very small about 2%.while manual dilution can reach 10% error
elecsys was reported a higher dilution error even if it is automated, i m not sure i remember exact number but it was no more than 5-10%
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what a lucky community are we...looks like most of us are good candidates for hbsag clearance by peg add on
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Really it is very supportive community .. feeds members with knowledge and good advices ..

thank you stef2011 and everybody here ..

i will discuss with my doctor to start peginterferon in next appointement ..  however .. i worried from peginterferon because i read it always drops wbc and platelets counts ..   in my case both are very low .. also it cause tirdeness .. like-fever symtoms ..

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most patients on hbv have few sides if none, you can try and stop if you like
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how you had correlated endogenous ifn by knowing wbc counts stef?

plz through some light  
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Hi OS,

Where did you get that HBsAg tested?

I am currently on IFN. Lot's of anxiety prelude to treatment. I went 5 weeks with insomia pre-IFN and then after the first 2 injection, sleeping came good. Just finish week 22 and feeling alright. I think when they said you are on IFN, they should give it to you straight away (in my case anyway). That 5 weeks wait was the worse 5 weeks of my life thus far.

Reading the sides on IFN makes it all worse so don't look at the list. But I guess you just can't help it.

Good luck whatever way you take OS.
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to have such low hbsag the immune system is fully activated and of course interferon pathways are active, i mostly correlated the low hbsag to endogenous intf.
the correlation of low wbc with endogenous intf was just a guess, it can be so or not.
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Sir your guess carries a weight i would love to know how WBC counts is affected with body's own interferon there must be some sort of immune statistical back in your mind plz share...
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You may increase WBC platelets by eating raw papya or juice of papaya leaves. I have heard so many true stories and it increase platelets dramatically. You can use it when low wbc.
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