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Hi everyone,

I went to a diagnostic center nearby but they did not help me to read it and just advised me to see a doctor. I can't do that because I don't have the time and money yet. So in the meantime, I'm desperately seeking help from you guys.  Here's the HEPATITIS PROFILE data:


HBsAg Elisa | 4.309 | 0.105 | REACTIVE
Anti-HBs | 0.019 | 0.105 | NON-REACTIVE
HbeAG | 3.186 | 0.105 REACTIVE
Anti-Hbe | 2.346 | 0.816 | NON-REACTIVE
Anti-HBc G | 0.017 | 0.434 | REACTIVE
Anti-HBc M | 0.024 | 0.105 | NON-REACTIVE

My question is:  Am I Chronic or Acute HepaB carrier?


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Most likely your are chronic as your Anti-HBc M (IGM) is negative. If you are not sure how you were infected, you can always test again in 6 months.
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Thanks StephenCastlecrag! I am not sure of how I got this disease.  I have learned that I am carrier only 3 days ago and totally have no idea about Hepatitis B.  Is there any chance that this disease be cured in 6 months? I am 24 y/o and have not experienced any signs or symptoms of this disease.  For the last 2 years I recall only got fever at least 3 times. Never had any feeling of discomfort in my abdomen (liver area). Thanks!
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you can get it cronic at birth only or if you have a damaged immune system as adult
drugs, drug addiction, oxidative stress due to junk food they all damage immune system and make people immune supreessed without they know

hbv makes no damage on most patients fibroscan will tell you if your liver has no damage, if liver has no damage treatment is not necessary especially because drugs are useless to clear hbv and can only block liver damage
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Thanks stef2011! Very helpful information. I guess my next step is to check whether my parents have also been infected.

I guess I have to ask again, I am sorry.  For a chronic Hepa B carrier, is there still any chance of being cured? And is there any alternative/herbal medicine you'd want to suggest? Thanks!
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follow the community updates, the only combos showing relevant cure rates are:
sequential tenofovir 1-3 years and then peginterferon add on 96 weeks, trl7 agonists like imiquimod and gs9620 will be on trial soon we just have animal data now

rep9ac is the only cure with human trial but now on market
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