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Original vs Generic Tenofovir for HepB

Hi All,

Does any one observed efficacy differences between original and generic medicines for HepB? (for ex: between Viread/Vemilidy vs any other generic). The reason why I'm asking is due to that I have started my HepB treatment with Viread and it did magic in bringing down my HBVDNA to UND, also HBsAG quant is reduced to 4400 from 16000 and also specifically my liver histology improved a lot in ultra sound scans. After a year of Viread usage, its supply to India is stopped and i had to start using some other generic TDF medicine. From then, i don't see any good progress in my condition though HBV DNA UND is sustained and HBsAG quant is fluctuating, liver scans started showing abnormalities.

I have a feeling that generic medicines are adulterated version of original medicines. any of you guys are also having similar experiences and observations? Any thoughts and inputs?
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they are exactly the same, you may choose teva which is a very good brand
liver health depends on the food you eat and life style, if you make very wrong choices you can make much more damage to your liver than hbv virus
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Thanks for the reply Stef. We don't have Teva's TAF yet in india. Do you know Teva's TAF exact selling name?
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