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Regarding HBV DNA quantitative test results

i am a male and was found positive for Hepatitis B about two years back. doctors say i am just a carrier. My recent LFT gave SGPT count as 56 which is out of the range of 13-40. so i got my HBV DNA quantitative test done. the result came out to be as "under detectable limit". what does this conclude?
i don't consume alcohol and am a healthy person as a whole.

1) Is the hepatitis B virus not replicating in my body?
2) Also i want to know the chances that my wife who has taken the vaccination for Hepatitis B gets this virus from me?
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As long as you are S antigen positive that means the virus is replicating. S antigen is released by the virus after replication.

So even though you are undetectable in your blood, the virus is still using your liver cells to replicate.

The good news is that this means you are generally non very infectious and liver damage is not as severe as having an active carrier condition where DNA counts are >100,000 (and sometimes in the billions!).

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so what are the precautions i need to take?
is there any way by which the test for hepatitis B shows negative results?

what about the tendency of getting it transmitted to others?
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The only way to show you don't have HepB anymore is when you test Negative for S Antigen and Positive for S antibodies.

Thats happens naturally to about 1% of the carriers every year.

You are considered (like myself) very low infectivity. I have had it since early childhood and  grew up with 3 brothers who roughed it up many times. They don't have it.
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thank you so much.

one more thing, is there any medicine or exercise that converts a positive patient into a negative one?
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If there was there wouldn't be 350,000,000 people on this planet with HepB!!!

There is some 'therapeutic vaccines' in the works right now. Those are vaccines for people that already have HepB. However even if they do work it will probably be 10 yrs before they go through the FDA approval process.

Just enjoy life and stay healthy and positive. I know it sounds rude but the odds are heavily in your favor you will eventually die from something else.
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Hey you seem to know you stuff on this Hep b.  I would really like to talk to you about this hep be info and ask you some questions?
I have a lot of them (questions).  you can E-mail me at joctorderry hot mail.  thanks man
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  We have the same case. i was exposed to these it was alarming to all of my families. After testing HBVdna the result less than 1000 copies non detectable.You  are not infectious.But still a carrier.It must be HBSag=non reactive, HBSab= reactive. You to Enjoy your life and We must always pray to God for healing and believe that we can be healed. Thanks to all the moral support.
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i am a 24 yr male and was found positive for Hepatitis B recently. My two recent LFT gave SGPT/SGOT count as 26/31 (Dated 11-Dec) & SGPT/SGOT 39/43 (Dated 15-Dec).So i got my HBV DNA quantitative test (By TAQ MAN) done and results shows 23600 IU/ML (1 IU = 5.8 copies/ML).

I don't know that i am HBV + until 12-Dec
[ I have party on 11-Dec evening after my first LFT test, i think that second LFT showed SGPT increased because of that]

i dont know what to do?
i am scared of it.

Please Help me!
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check your liver damage by fibroscan, if no damage you can monitor or try interferon

i would not start antivirals because you are too young and they need lifre tx

for inactive carriers from childhood, i was same as you but made a mistake i checked alt/ast hbvdna once a year and biopsy every 10 years without fibroscan because alt/ast were 30-40, hbvdna und or low and liver damage mild f2.
now i am 40years old and checked with fibroscan and probably early cirrohsis, so my suggestion is to monitor alt/ast and fibroscan every 6 months all life because it may take very little time to develop severe liver damage after 35-40 years old even with almost normal alt.
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5.82 copies/IU is WHO standard for HBV DNA Test
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My hubby had his HBV DNA and d result was >110000000 IU/ml  >640200000 copies/ml.
The method used for HBV DNA Viral Load PCR is COBAS TaqMan HBV Test.
The detectable range with this method is 6 - 110,000,000 IU/ml
(35 - 640,200,000 copies/ml).
The quantification is homogeneous for all HBV genotypes tested.

Can u pls explain this to me in d most easiest way? We need to know because my hubby is a seaman & he was required to take Entecavir (Baraclude) for 3mos. Will this medication lessen the result.I want to know what will happen. We're very depressed right now because he can't work & we need to support our kids.
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heb is pos or neg?
the hbvdna load is very high and it looks like immune tollerant phase, what is level damage matvir?

check the load for 6 months and if doesn't decrease below 100iu/ml start combo with tenofovir because resistance happens is hbvdna is still high after 6 months
please be sure he has liver damage and he is not immune tollerant because the load is very very high
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Does this mean he's at high risk liver failure? What makes this to trigger? He's a stage2 obese right how. Does this make to worsen his hepaB. We're very depress because we're lack of financial to support his medication. He's the only one working in the family but now he need to stopped due to his situation.
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level 2 is nothing to worry about, alt are elevated which is nothing to worry about

as to the medication tenofovir or truvada if tenofovir doesn't work in 6 months are better

if you have finincial problems buy generic tenofovir which is cheaper and more potent than entecavir, it has also no resistant issues (entecavir has)

if you don't know how to get generics check the posts on the forum for generic tenofovir or send a PM to me

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thank u so much for ur advise. this lessen our worry and depression. One more question if you don't mind. after this medication, will the result makes chronic to non-chronic? will he be able to fit for work again? is there a possibility that this will make d result lessen after 3mos. so that he can  go back to work again. there is another prescription but we can't read the doctor's handwriting. this is kinda protection like silimarine. is taking essentiale forte help? what other meds does he need to take and what food is good and not for him. thanks so much again for responding. GOD BLESS U!
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when he gets hbvdna und there is no more damage to the liver and all present damage will be reversed
sylimarin is not good at this point because it interferes with antiviral plus liver damage is not severe so there is no need for it

after dna is und he should feel no fatigue, switch to tenvir so you don't have finiancial problems and buy many bottles because you cannot miss one day of the medication and check kidney function from time to time (there is 1% kidney damage on these antivirals but this is ultra rare, only 1%)
tenvir Em is truvada, is more potent and will get hbvdna und faster, truvada has also 11% hbsag seroconversion (clearance of hbv) per year
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Hi again! I've searched that truvada most likely cure HIV. Is the result of HBV DNA of my hubby shows that he had it. The doctor said that his Hepa B is chronic already. We're very confused right now. Sorry for asking too many questions. We're very thankful that u've been entertaining all of this. We really need some opinion and guidelines.
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that's just marketing to avoid use of more potent drugs with higher seroconversion, seroconversion means no more money for the company who produce antiviral.

truvada is tenofovir+embricitabine ftc and you will find hbv therapy under this combo and not under truvada but they are exactly the same thing, probably you save money with one pill truvada instead separate tdf+ftc.so that is just marketing exactly like they wrote for tdf until 2008 that is to say tdf doesn't cure hbv....while it was the most potent antiviral.marketing on these type of drugs is very disgusting

this combo tdf+ftc is used on hiv-hbv coinfection, on people who has mutated virus due to previous lam, adfovir or etv resistance mutation, on people on uncompendated cirrhosis on transplant list or on people on compensated cirrhosis

after you find all the trials writing tdf+ftc instead of truvada you see that it is used on the most difficult cases and where the damage to the liver is very severe.
it has also been used on off label combo interferon plus truvada on hbv-hdv coinfection and in one patient lead to seroconversion of both viruses in 10 months

you will find truvada on hbv guideline in one or two years....
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of course truvada is ok on people with very high viral load which doens't get und in 6 months by antiviral monotherapy and not on all cases
it might be also ok when hbsag is very low because this combo is higly active on cccdna/hbsag
i do not suggest this as a normal therapy for hbv now since if hbsag quantity is very high we don't know if it can lead to any seroconversion (it probably doesn't) and also do not suggest if one antiviral works getting hbvdna und in 6 months because we don't know sides after 10-20 years use of all these antivirals not only truvada and if hbsag seroconversion does not happen we have to use these antivirals for life
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forgot to mention hbv shares almost all drugs with hiv, they just stopped the trials for the lateset drugs on hbv, truvada is the last one that has already been tried from years on hbv trials
they stopped all trials on early 2009 when replicor tried rep9 ac on march, so i think they stopped all trials because they know they will not get any money from new drugs (also alinia has been stopped on 2009 for hbv)
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from the lastest conference in vienna today


check this link in a few days and data of tdf+embricitabine (truvada) will be pubblished for people with liver transplant and kidney function impairment so you will see if truvada is controindicated in liver disease....
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hi i m male and age 35,i came to know last year that i have a hep b positive,and my viral oad is 250000000/uml but after sixth month it came down to 53000 thousand only.my LFt lalso shows normal.can any one tell mee please that there is any chances to become total neagative,???????????
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you were immune tollerant (no immune response) and are now in clearnce phase, during this phase you might clear the virus so check with a doctor if this is the best moment for interferon or other therapy as research articles says or just monitor since after this phase you might stay inactive or develop mutant (precore hbe minus) and become active low replication again

a real inactive hbv is hbsag 200-300s/n or about 1000-1500iu/ml, hbeab pos, hbvdna undetactable, al less than 30, all others are active cronic hbv which can stay active and inactive from time to time
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sorry al=alt
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