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SGOT and SGPT increase and HBSAG Quantitative Decrease

12-07-2018 --> I had stopped tenofovir after 8 years taken it.
                         SGPT/SGOT --> 24/22
                         HBSAG Quantitative --> around 3000 for 1 yaer
                         HBV DNA --> Undetect

13-06-2019 --> SGPT/SGOT --> 36/62
                         HBSAG Quantitative --> 25000 (CMIA)

09-09-2019   --> SGPT/SGOT --> 40/56  
                              HBV DNA --> 1.7 X 10^8
17-06-2020 --> SGPT/SGOT --> 65/103  
                          HBSAG Quantitative --> 8071.89 (CMIA)

I want to restart tenofovir but my question is why my HBSAG Quantitative is decrease while my SGPT/SGOT always increase?
What is mean? Is it okay to restart my tenofovir/viread?
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Are you sure this is not a typo,  ( 3000  instead of 30,000 ) ?
12-07-2018 --> I had stopped tenofovir after 8 years taken it.
                         SGPT/SGOT --> 24/22
                         HBSAG Quantitative --> around 3000 for 1 yaer
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Sure, When I started tdf, my HBSAG Qty was 35000 and  When I stoped tdf, my HBSAG Qty was 3000 (12-07-2018)
hbsag relapsed and it is obvious hbsag was too high when you stopped tdf, only hbsag less than 100iu/ml have chances to clear
I am curious what made you stop tenofovir after 8 years, since the drop rate would be around 4000UI HbsAg/ year..... Now, of course, in case the drop was more linear and still going down, it would've been under 1000 in one more year.
My doctor has asked to stop. I did not know  his reason and I though everything is OK include my kidney (ureum & creatinine was still normal range).  But now he ask me to take tdf again .
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So, Is okay to take tdf again or wait a couple of months to see HBSAG qty?
you relapsed so your tcells are not working against hbv, i d restart tdf as soon as possible
Thank you Stef. I will restart.
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