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did anybody try alinia with hbv?

it is strange nobody tried it yet since it is not expensive and available at pharmacy
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Alinia has anti-HBV effects.  If (and it's a big IF) it become a legit treatment for HBV, it's still a far way off.    Most research for alinia is for HCV.
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I know a Chinese man are trying it, just got started, less than 10 days, so, just watch and see.

I keep in touch with him, and I want to try it in 10 days.
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One Chinese man is on it, one wants to try it in 2 days.
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very very good, i will also try it as soon as i get und and on combo tx to be supersafe anyway

please ask him to check his hbsag quantity since alinia acts lowering hbsag and achieving seroconversion this way, if he is also hbe positive he also must check hbe quantity of hbe and of course hbvdna quantity.
since asian people have very high virus quantity and much less immune response than caucasinas against hbv in general he needs to check all those parameters to see if it is working and i would suggest to combo with antiviral tenofovir if he doesn't see hbvdna und in 6 months

the best results are on hbe negative with 100% hbvund and with the highest seroconversion rates within 1 year, combo with an antiviral is needed to achieve the highest seroconversion rates especially with hbe pos
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this is very good because i think trials on hbv will take very long time for the following reasons:
- little money, romark is a little pharma company
- little cost of compound and without patent or with low durability of patent
- a big pharma is selling thier compund in japan for hcv and they probably want to avoid damaging each other markets
- probably replicor will have very good results for seroconversion becoming the main drug and leaving little market to other meds

alinia would be the best med for inactive carriers since they have no other tx available, and since they have low hbsag and alinia works lowering it it would be a very good try
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if we get to be 3-4 persons with different immune phases (hbe pos, hbe neg, inactive, low hbsag) trying it we can achieve significant data on its potency, i stress again the best candidates are inactive carriers because they have the lowest hbsag quantity and the strongest immune response among hbv cronic carriers
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