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anti hbeag doubt

Dear experts,
    my father was confirmed to have a HBV infection in 2002. At that time:
Hbsag +
Hbsab -
Hbeag -
Hbeab +
Hbcab +
Anti hbc-IGM  -  HBV DNA around 4e3.
     Since then his liver function tests all resulted normal.
     In the year 2011,his test of HBV turned out that the Hbeab(anti hbeag) was negative.
     Doctors suggested this is good. And in 2012 his liver funtion remain normal. Since then we have not tested.
     My question is, is the disappearence of the Hbeab good or it may suggest some mutation of the virus?
     Is my father at high risk of liver related complications?
     Thank u very much for your answer. Many thanks!
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HbeAb- and hbeAb+
is most likely the mutation. it means little.

the most important is fibroscan and LFT

HBV DNA quantity is needed to decide if he needs treatment.
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Also Hbsag Quantitative not just hbsag
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Dear Rome70, thanks for your reply. Just wanna know why the anti hbe disappears years after........its means a good conversion or the opposite? Many thanks....
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thank u jrai i ll let him do that.
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