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hepatitis B vaccine

I would like to know what is in the hepatitis B vaccine. What is used to preserve the vaccine as well as the active ingredience? My nine month old daughter recently had one of the shots.  I'm concerned as a parent what is in these vaccines. She started vomitting, and ran a fever about 2 days after the fact. I want to know if her being sick could be a side effect?  I was told by the Doctor there wouldn't be any side effects. She is has never had a reaction to a vacination up until this point.

I was shocked when I asked her Peditrican what was in the vaccine and she wasn't able to tell me. It seems to me if a Doctor is going to recommend these vaccines, they should be able to tell a parent what is in them.  I'm not so sure I'm going to allow her to get the rest of shots for this vaccine. Until she is of school age when she would be more at risk to being exposed to it. I don't see the point of vaccinating a child so young for a virus that she is highly unlikely to contract being so young.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, looking forward to getting a answer.

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The below link may help answer some of your concerns.  There is also a phone # to call and report your daughters symptoms.  It's listed under "Adverse Events"

I believe the links below have the ingredients of the HBV vaccine. You may want to read through them


I hope these links can help answer some of your questions.
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I asked for a waiver from my school district for my now 14 yr old.  I do not see the point in vaccination for the popupation at the least risk.  Healthcare workers, at higher risk, are not mandated to vaccinate.
Universal precautions should be the norm, not the exception.  Babies get too many vaccines at the point when their immune system is not developed yet.  It is crazy in my opinion.
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The two most popular Hep B vaccines for infants are:

Recombivax HB

and Engerix B

Both vaccines are preservative-free.

Of course, you will read some frightening things in the Adverse Reaction sections.  Bear in mind that even something we perceive as innocuous as Tylenol or aspirin can kill some individuals!  On the whole, both vaccines are very well tolerated, and are given to almost every infant born in the US at this time.

PS--even though I give these vaccines every day, I also do not think infants need this vaccine unless medically indicated.  I agree- too many vaccines too early in life.
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I had no idea children in the US were vaccinated against Hep B. Here, hardly anyone is. I myself decided not to have the vaccination even though it was offered, as I had heard about the dangers.
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Yes, yes, yes, the US is becoming quite the Nanny State - no smoking, must wear seatbelts, must wear helmet for bicycle and motorcycle, must get vaccines, everything our federal gov. thinks we are not intelligent enough to decide for ourselves. And every behaviour seems criminalized, except for homosexuality which is nearly a state-endorsed religion.

It would truly be a great step forward if Nanny would focus her time and energy on more effective treatments for HCV, HIV, mental illness, etc. than worrying if someone, somewhere, is smokin' a fag in PUBLIC!!! OMG! HANG THE SOB! Oh, he's gay? That's alright then.

Seriously, the time and effort spent to protect us from ourselves really should be directed towards something positive and quit trying to legislate behaviour that isn't anyone else's business. Too many are suffering and it is infuriating what our gov. will spend billions of dollars on. It's good to be the King! (and to hell with everyone else, I suppose) -Michael
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Can you tell me which hep forum tnhepguy is posting on now?

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Please contact me through my e-mail in the contact patient list.
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how do i get to the patient contact list?
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In the main list of hep c threads, click contact patients, then in the first bar Type hepatitis c and it gives you a list of hep c people. it might ask you to register, make sure u type ur nickname also
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Couldn't find anyone listed under "cuteus". Searched under the screen name and in the list of hep c names.
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It is pretty important if you have hepC, to vaccinate yourself for hepA and B also.  Either disease can kill you if you contract it and also have hepC.

These diseases are not rare, and the risk of contracting them far outweighs the risk of vaccination.

Newborns just don't have the exporsure opporotunities that adults do.
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I am having trouble also finding you in that directory LOL  If you don't mind..send me a email..my name at @aol.com
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It was there the other day. sorry about that.  When i first listed I did under my first name so I went back and relisted under cuteus, and it was there afterwards. don't know what happened to it.  check under I. I was having trouble emailing from yahoo last night and this AM, I might try later.

GL all
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I am vaccinated against Hep A, especially as i travel abroad a lot, but the liver unit I went to told me not to get vaccinated against B unless I was in a high risk group (which I no longer am). You say B is common, but if you are monogamous and don't do IV drugs, where could you get it? This is a genuine question, not  a comment!
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I was told that we should be vaccinated against A and B because if we were to get either it could be VERY serious for us, as our livers are already compromised.

However, I have had B so I have antobodies to it, as I bet some of you guys do too. I for sure had my grandson vaccinated, he had no bad reaction.
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My sentiments exactly.  By taking the same precautions we take to avoid hiv infection, we avoid hep b. I am skipping this vaccine for me and my child.  Maybe later I will decide different but for now I am waiting on long term use data before agreeing.  Just my choice.
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Calm down.  We are richly blessed with a gov't that's fiercely anti-fag, and hopefully they'll stay in power until the queers are all rehabilitated into <insert whatever you are>.

But seriously... surely, if you think about it a little, you can imagine that "hurting ourselves" often has collateral damage, and that's one motivation behind nannyism.
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Yeah, I can "understand" nannyism, I just can't reconcile US Constitution principles and some of the bizarro laws. Of course being the hypocrite that I am I argue that the legalization of drugs (heroin, cocaine, marijuana and the such) is bad because the damage done is not confined to the individual, but is like the blood splatter of a shooting the gets all over family and society. Ah, well! Someone has to do it! :)

I'm not a homophobe or anything it's just that it is like a huge wartime propaganda machine has been rolled out to demand everyone celebrate homosexuality - what the heck for? Most of my gay friends are private and dignified and don't buy into this "homo-promo."

I just wish that time/money should be spent in helping people, especially for all of the epidemic diseases, instead of telling folks what they can/cannot do in their own homes and yards. Jeesh!

In this vein, does anyone have dollar figures on what is spent on HCV research? HCV vs. HIV or cancer research?

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I'm so sorry! I forgot that referring to smoking is verboten!

Foreplay? Doesn't that have something to do with golf?

Seriously, I've had a med change (mental ya' know) and can't seem to get over the $ spent on why grasshoppers hop and why they would even want to vs. pain and suffering... So, I am sorry I was off topic.
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I mean this in a nice and fun way as you do get me laughing at times. but do you need some new batteries.  lol

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Huh? So... foreplay has nothing to do with golf???
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