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Hepatitis C Post-Treatment side effects

Passed more than 7 months after the successful treatment of my son from hepatitis C, but there were serious side effects that were not before treatment:
1 problems with the eyes-before the eyes of the mesh; If you look at a certain point it begins to blur; Wave-like movement of objects, if tired; Bright light is a problem, often there is burning in the eyes.
2 there is a fog in his head, which prevents him from thinking clearly and very much influences his memory.
3 the head is constantly spinning, the rumble in his head
4 infinite fatigue even after normal hours sleeping
5 there is no feeling of hunger, cold
6 was able to perfectly analyze the problems and find solutions, now it is largely lost
Symptoms are very similar to severe flu although there is no flu.
All this has led to a very severe depression, which can not be overcome because it prevents constant fear that all this can not be restored and he will lose his favorite profession, especially since now he can not work.
I understand, in order to be cured, we need to find the reasons for his health problems!
That's why I'm asking about the reasons, why such successful treatment of hepatitis C entailed such serious side effects, what organs were affected (the liver is now normal), Did the brain suffer?
This situation seems to me absurd - to be treated after a successful treatment, but as it turned out, this is now a normal phenomenon.
My son was left without help, although we turned to many specialists!
Please, help us! Maybe you know these problems, found sources of problems, and have been successfully treated!
Maybe you know a good, caring specialist, family doctor, therapist, who will not leave his patient alone with his problems.
Please, tell me!
We live in the city of Kyle near Austin, Texas
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Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your son. What treatment did he do? Has he had his thyroid checked? I used interferon and it did something to my thyroid. I didn't know for many many months.
I wish I had an answer for you. I hope someone else will be along to answer.
I'll check back, Dee
Thank you very much for your respond!
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Yes to all of the above-I am 10 years post treatment and still have the same side effects-was diagnosed 5 years post treatment with Post Interferon Syndrome-very similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The only thing I have found that helps is stress removal (if poss)  pacing (in my case doing very little) and acceptance of the new you. I used to be sparky and loud, feisty and gregarious,now I sit indoors and see very few and only very lovely people.I do hope things improve with time. I also take a multivitamin and mineral as treatment strips the body of magnesium and vitamin D and a deficit in certain vitamins can amplify some symptoms. I would suggest you go back to the liver consultant til you get answers. All the best.
thanks otterwatcher for your respond!
My son's organs are OK now (liver, kidney, lungs), but the severe consequences after Harvoney treatment and the reasons for these problems are the main issue
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Otter great response, thank you so much!  I didn't realize that the interferon could strip the body.  Over the years since I finished treatment I have tried many things to improve. One thing that seemed to help were probiotics. I too take magnesium which helps the cramps and aching quite a bit and I take vitamin D along with a daily vitamin.
I recently started Omega 3 and Co Q10.  Not sure about that yet. But most definitely the magnesium.

What type do you take?
I use Epsom salts in the bath and a magnesium oil spray-apparently it's better absorbed that way. I take a daily multivit and mineral and an extra boost of vit d.I tried so many supplements but none really helped bar the magnesium and vit d, Omega 3 and co q10 are useful tho,as kids we were fed fish liver oil If you have a healthy diet and haven't been diagnosed with a particular deficiency save your money!
Thank you! I am going to try that
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I'm sorry Zkm, I forgot to mention that my eyes were very dry for a long time. I had to use drops for a couple of years. Now my eyes have improved, I rarely use them.
I also had the brain fog, it is an awful feeling. I can definitely sympathize.
The brain fog-coupled with the awful neverending fatigue- it's like extreme jet lag.
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Here are some people talking about their experiences.
There used to be many more people on here. I hope others will drop by
Good luck

Thank you Dee1956 for understanding and support! Any advice is very valuable because you never know where and when you can find an answer!
Thanks again Dee1956 for help! I will use this Web link.
All this is very difficult to fight without the help of doctors, but we do not give up and continue to look. If something useful is found, we will definitely inform everyone
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Hi if he can try drinking lots of water that may help him a bit. When we are dehydrated our body will aches more. Trying to take a short walk everyday can help too.
Eating very healthy is a plus too.  I remember how hard it was to try to recover after I finished tx. Many people say they have no side effects but many do. It is a little harder to find thos people. I will keep searching
There is a nurse who is very helpful, I'm trying to remember her name now.
Dear Dee1956, Thanks for the question!
My son luckily drinks enough water.
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