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I'm a long ago member who SVR'd & have helpful info

Hello All,

Back in 2007-2008 my user name was Kittyface when I participated here and treated with interferon/riba.  I was lucky enough to clear but for the last 10 years have suffered "post interferon syndrome" with fatigue, malaise, no motivation, depression, low immunity, increasingly developing food intolerance and allergies, diagnosed with mastocytosis, muscle aches etc etc.  No joy in life for a previously joyful person.

I research and tried many treatments/supplements to restore my pre-tx health but all to no avail.  Until now and that's why I'm posting in the hopes it will help some of you.  It's the THYROID!  Even when levels are "normal in range" if they're not optimal you will suffer especially when recovering from chronic illness and harsh drugs.  Interferon is known to fry the thyroid.  Another thing I learned is ribavarin causes hypomagnesia (low magnesium) so be sure to load up on that.

The symptoms of thyroid dysfunction are the same as post interferon syndrome give or take a few.
Besides those mentioned above I also had low body temp (was normal pre-tx), cold feet, heat intolerance, constipation.  Even though my thyroid levels tested normal my gut knew it was thyroid and the "Stop the Thyroid Madness" (STTM) site research convinced me to trial an over the counter dessicated thyroid made from bovine (the rx version is pig which most closely resembles ours).  I did this because my endocrinologist would not prescribe thyroid meds based on normal levels.

I started with half a capsule and after three weeks on a full capsule I couldn't believe the difference!  I feel like a teenager again and I'm 65!  I went back to my endo who is fortunately very open minded and presented a graph comparing my levels with optimal levels from the STTM site. She agreed to prescribe Armour which is a natural dessicated thyroid containing T3 and T4 plus other hormones.  My natural health and energy has returned - consistently, every single day!  Even my allergies are decreased.  It's incredible.

I urge you to study the STTM site and try to find doctors who will prescribe thyroid meds if you're not optimal as detailed on that site.  Natural dessicated thyroid NDT seems to be the best choice over synthetic meds.

I'm so grateful I found my answer and hope this information helps somebody.

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I visited  "Stop the Thyroid Madness" (STTM) site research, lot of info. I'd been there before. They lost me at advertising ZRT Labs, this lab noted all my issues point to anxiety! Lol. I just needed to calm down and gather my thoughts. My docs attitude totally changed after ZRT's test INTERPRETATION. Oh jeez. I heard that for twenty years when no one knew what HepC was. I'm glad it's working for you.
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What is your dosage? T3 & T4. I too have some improvement on thyroid meds, but definitely not the cure all, so far. My doc is very open. I'm on a compound levo/Lio and adding 20mcg of T3 to that.
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Thank you for your hard earned insight.  You are a generous soul.
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