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Is there a third treatment hcv type 3

I did 12 weeks each of epclusa and vosiver probably spelled wrong is there a third treatment yet July 2018
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It appears the only recommended treatment is Vosevi with Ribavirin for 12 weeks. Have you had resistance testing and are you working with a hepatologist who is current with advances in Hepatitis C treatments? They should be guiding you about all this.

Did you treat with Epclusa for 12 weeks relapse then treat again later with Vosevi for 12 weeks only to relapse again? My sympathies I treated a total of 5 times. Three with interferon based medicines but was a null responder then relapsed with Sovaldi Olysio in 2014. I next treated with Harvoni and ribavirin for 24 weeks and was finally cured. I had cirrhosis for 7 years when I was cured.

Do you have cirrhosis as well? Having cirrhosis does make us harder to treat.

You might want to post in the hep c community instead of the hep c post treatment issues community.

This comes from the AASLD (American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases) Hepatitis C treatment guidelines for genotype 3 treatment experienced patients.

“HCV Guidance: Recommendations for Testing, Managing, and Treating Hepatitis C”

“DAA-Experienced (Including NS5A Inhibitors), Genotype 3 Patients With or Without Compensated Cirrhosis”

Daily fixed-dose combination of sofosbuvir (400 mg)/velpatasvir (100 mg)/ voxilaprevir (100 mg)

For patients with prior NS5A inhibitor failure and cirrhosis, weight-based ribavirin is recommended.

Treatment duration 12 weeks

Recommended Regimen
Sofosbuvir/Velpatasvir/Voxilaprevir ± Ribavirin
The phase 3 POLARIS-1 and POLARIS-4 trials included patients with genotype 3 infection, without cirrhosis or with compensated cirrhosis, who had previously received a DAA regimen, with or without an NS5A inhibitor. The POLARIS-4 study included treatment-experienced patients who had previously received a DAA regimen but not an NS5A inhibitor. Participants were randomized to 12 weeks of the daily fixed-dose combination of sofosbuvir (400 mg)/velpatasvir (100 mg)/voxilaprevir (100 mg) (54 with genotype 3 infection) or 12 weeks of sofosbuvir/velpatasvir (52 with genotype 3 infection). SVR rates for the genotype 3-infected patients were 96% (52/54) and 85% (44/52), respectively. The 8 patients who experienced a relapse in the sofosbuvir/velpatasvir arm were primarily white males with compensated cirrhosis (7/8) and a high BMI (>25). Although none had baseline Y93H variants, all had emergence of Y93H variants at the time of relapse (Bourliere, 2017).

The POLARIS-1 study included patients who had previously received a regimen containing an NS5A inhibitor. Participants were randomized to 12 weeks of sofosbuvir/velpatasvir/voxilaprevir (78 with genotype 3 infection) versus placebo. The SVR12 rate was 95% (74/78) for the genotype 3-infected patients. All 4 patients who experienced a relapse had cirrhosis (Bourliere, 2017). These data support the use of sofosbuvir/velpatasvir/voxilaprevir for 12 weeks in all DAA-experienced patients. However, in NS5A inhibitor-experienced genotype 3-infected patients with cirrhosis, the relapse rate is higher and adding weight-based ribavirin is recommended to minimize relapse risk.

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September 21, 2017

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Found this at the University of Washington Hepatitis C online treatment core concepts web page

Note: the regimen listed below is investigational and currently not recommended in the AASLD-IDSA HCV guidance.

Grazoprevir-Ruzasvir-Uprifosbuvir (MK-3682). A new 3-class DAA combination that includes grazoprevir (NS3/4 protease inhibitor) coformulated with ruzasvir, a novel NS5A inhibitor and uprifosbuvir, a novel NS5B inhibitor is currently being studied, with or without ribavirin, in the C-CREST trials in treatment-naïve and experienced adults with genotype 3 infection.[32,33,34] The 12-week option without ribavirin was shown to be highly effective (96-98%) in phase 2 trials for individuals with genotype 3 HCV infection, including those with cirrhosis and prior peginterferon and ribavirin experience.”

Maybe your doctor could get you hooked up with a clinical trial or you could google clinical trials gov
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Did you treat with Mavyret?
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