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Life Insurance after SVR?

Anybody who has obtained SVR have experience getting/trying to get life insurance? Would like to get some but through my work but worry it might be rejected or worse rejected and then reveal it to my employer and possibly loose my job in health care.
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You don't have Hepatitis C.   It can't effect your work because you don't have Hepatitis C.  If I were you I would ask the insurance company if you will be denied.   Let us know.  This is a good question.  I think I might call a few and ask myself.   Let you know what they say.
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Yes I want to get some at a cheaper rate too
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A couple years ago I asked an insurance broker about that, and he came back and said I could get a policy if I was SVR for more than two years.

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Looking at different policies I sent for.  What seems to be the issue is what you die from.   Looking more.
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