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Loosing weight post EOT?

Anybody lost weight soon post EOT?

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I think it's different for everyone.   I weigh the exact amount I did before treatment.   I also, didn't gain or lose any weight during treatment.  I treated with the same treatment drug....Incivek.  
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I lost 10kg suddenly about 3 months post treatment and 7years on still have trouble maintaining my weight due to lack of appetite.
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You may be up and down for the next few months but with a trend of getting better. I felt great too when I first finished but as the drugs leave your body they can do strange things.My nurse keeps telling me to be patient.
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Thank you pooh and dee

I did not gain any wait during tx but I lost couple of kg since I stopped tx.  Not sure if this was normal or not.  I was really good for 2-3 weeks after tx but now I seem to have some digestive problems and still continue to cough. This started in August so maybe I need to make a lung Xray. Some swelling coming and going on both sides of the neck as well

Hmm, 6.5 weeks now since I finished tx
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Hi Diana, I have to say that I don't remember losing additional weight once I finished treating but I will go look at my journal to see.  I continued to lose hair for about 3 to 4 months after tx.  It was awful.  I do remember losing muscle mass so that my clothes hung on me.  I quickly regained my appetite and my weight.  Please hang in there.  Give it time.  It will improve.
At the very least..allow yourself 6 months to recover.  It could be less, it could be a little more.  Keep the bigger clothes...I gave mine away and only had one pair of jeans after gaining :)

Take Care
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I kept losing weight up until about December following treatment. I completed Tx Aug. 25, 2012 and was still losing weight in December. By January I was no longer losing weight. You may notice your weight stabilizing within a couple of months.
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