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20gm meal or snacks/ incivek dosing

Does any one else have any menu items containing 20 gm fat?  Chooosing to eat fat is new to me.

As far as my opinion on incivek dosing:  I believe getting as close to every 8 hours is important because of the duration of action of the drug.  If there are periods when the blood drug levels are below effective treatment drug resistance can result as well as subptimal viral killing.  So, thus we are harming our chances as well as those in the future.  Not a good scenerio.  And of course taking with fat is essential for complete absorption thru the gut.  The controlling factor is what's absorbed in getting results which over rides how much you put into the gut.
Ribaviron has a longer (half-life) duration of action as therefore can be taken every 12 hours.  As the half-life of a drug reduces the importance of keeping on schedule increases.
We all want the best results from our therapy.  I hate the idea of going thru this regimen and getting suboptimal results so... for me I am going to be as strict as any human being can be following protocol.  Varying 1/2-1 hour is not a deal buster but still opens the door to possible sub-optimal therapy.
I agree each MD has different personal protocol they like.  As a drug is on the market longer, new ways of administration become evident--but this is all new so who is to say what is best?  My MD was part of the Univ of Cincinnati that participated in the incivek trials.  My MD stands by a 5X dosing day with 6am incevik with meal and 8am ribaviron.  this was what this study followed, and with great results--so of course my MD believes in following what has been proven.  that is not to say that we will find other protocol just as effective.

As a fellow Hep C therapy patient and pharmacist my basic advice is:  Make sure you eat the 20GM of fat with incivek and get as close to every 8 hours as humanly reasonable, don't miss doses. Get as close to every 12 hours for the ribaviron as possible.  I will choose to separate incivek and ribaviron.

Another pharmacy 'pearl of information' is that some drugs can be given (for instance a 3 dosing/day drug) three times broken up while awake such as 8-2-8 but some require strict every 8 hour dosing.  Some examples of the ones requiring strict every 8 hours are antibiotics, antivirals (incivek) and antifungals.  This is due to the importance of keeping a minimum level of the med in the blood(kill level and kill time) at all times. Blood levels below 'kill levels' allows for the virus to replicate as well as 'morph' and produce resistance strains.  It is possible these strains could be produced during a 3month therapy.  So be as ridgid as possible-respect your MD advice (unless evidence to the contrary) and allow yourself to be human and not sweat 'the small stuff'.  Allow yourself to be human if you gett off timing or meals.  STRESS IN NOT A FRIEND to those on or off therapy.
Hope this helps.

Any 20GM
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Talk about,not healthy I was standing in the line at the grocery store tonight and they had an Ententmans (?) donut display near by so I look at the fat in ONE donut. Hello 24 grams of fat. Sounds like breakfast to me.
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I'm having a hard time w all these fat grams. Nausea is really getting to me. Loso options are limited. I'm just gagging it down most days. I'll do anything to SVR.
Besides the options listed above, frozen biscuits n milk, sunflower seeds, almonds, certain granola bars, and always a Boost or store brand high fat shake. Thanks for ur input!! Karen :) I'm pretty strict about times. I'll go 30 min trying to choke fat down before I take med some days..
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Just started the treatment with Incivek 8/15/11. This is the fourth go round with Interferon. The thing I did not hear from the Dr. was to take the riboviran 2 hrs after the incivek. Is anyone else doing that? It sounds like the right the right way to go.
I too am having difficulty choking down high fat content too early and too late. I am staying within 15 mins of my 8 hour intervals, but this fat is making me gag. Notice, I have no problem with the afternoon dose of "fat". LOL
I am also taking Imodium 2hours before or 2 hours after an incivek dose. This part is killing me.
I am definitely going to try the smoothies
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Am I to understand that dosing w/PTI, esp in a.m., should be seperate from riba? I'm scared I'll forget and I have to work around snacking on a schedule in nwhich I am actively in a classroom teaching 12 year olds. I had planned on 5am, 1 pm,5pm,9pm (I go to bed @9). Does this sound feasible. I cannot tell anyone at my work about tx since it is 'rumor central'. Thanks.
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How about flax meal? You can add it to smoothies and sprinkle it over cereal.
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Rebecca, in the first post, last paragraph, mentioned the 2 hour delay.It gives your body a break AND gives each pill to do it's own thing without competition. Makes sense to me. Give Right now, I'm craming 9 pills, all at once in the AM. I feel like a chipmunk. LOL
I'm taking Interferon about 8pm on Monday. I then get to sleep through the "flu". My doses are 7a,3p and 11p for the incivek. I do OK until about 3p and then it's lights out fort me.
Even though this is the 4th time for me, I am ever go grateful to read what each and every one of you has posted. I was reading somewhere in here that yellow poo was an issue? Oh boy, I can hardly wait.
Thank you all again for the all the valuable information. Together, we can ALL do this!
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