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Hepatitis C Community

Hello, i went to wash my hands at the restroom at work, I then noticed some menstrual blood on the toilet seat and i thought it was perh...
Hi, I have open wounds on both feet that are beginning to heal. I got from bad chaffing..I went for a massage with a sex worker. She inad...
Good day everyone! I am just a very anxious person who made a mistake that I swore never to do again after being cleared of his curren...
Fort Jackson April 1978. I was 17 years old. I received those memorable Jet Gun vaccines as all those who shared experiences on the MedH...
Has anyone had any experience with relapsing with meth while taking epclusa? Will it effect the treatment? It doesn't seem to make a diff...
I want to know if anyone knows of persons that may have had air-injected immunizations while i the military (vietnam era)? They line up o...
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These tips may up your chances of a cure.
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