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State prison systems release more than 75,000 people with HCV into the general population every year and prisons are failing to provide H...
I had previously asked about my results and was told I was fine by the community here and my provider. However due to my Illness my provi...
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I am in month 2 of hep c treatment and my liver pain had eased but is now back and feels like im feeling on my left side also
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So I was doing some routine blood work for a future healthcare job, and my initial hep c Ab screen came back as weakly positive (I wasn't...
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with hep c can drug tests be positive beyond the 3 days they say it takes to clear from your system?
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Result=HEP C AB (RATIO) >11.0 s/co ratio. Harvoni cured HEP C.
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She went to Dominican Republic and has all her vaccinations can I get hepatitis from being around her please some one help
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Does Harvani cure non responders?
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I cleaned up a drop of blood without gloves with paper towels. I didn’t feel any blood soak through and immediately washed my hands with ...
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i bought three bottles harvoni (ledso) which made in Egypt pharco pharmatic i not dare takeing still i am afraid it is false madicine bea...
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I am a 28 year old living in Pakistan where hepc is quite common . Recently i had a haircut and my barber used his own electric razor a...
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Recently i’ve a colleague who was taking finger blood sample from hep c patient. The gloves were stained by the blood as the blood was fl...
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I had exposure 11 weeks back... Tested negative 10days after exposure hep a, b, c and vdrl, syphilis... Also tested hiv rna pcr @16days c...
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I am traveling and there is an outbreak of Hep A can I get the Hep A and/or hep B vaccines ?
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According to the latest issue of hepmag.com, "less than 10 percent of the at least 3.5 million Americans living with HCV have received tr...
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Hep C Positive test
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I have hepc and hiv, gained 85lbs in 6 months
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I was in clinic this morning for a sugar test, Nurse drawn the blood used new needle, but she forget to wipe alcohol to my skin bef...
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Hep C virus AB >11.0. AST 826. ALT 732 alkaline phosphate 176 not sure what else to include please help thanks in advance
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