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American Association For The Study of Liver Disease

<A HREF="http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/495211/">ARTICLE</A>
Many subjects are addressed including 1)duration of treatment 2)marijuana and liver disease 3)persistance of virus after treatment. It's at www.medscape.com so you must be registered to view. Registration is free and well worth the time. Mike
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Thanks Mike. Can always count on you to give info.
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Interesting b/nothing new.  And that same old marijuanna study of 200 people w/no control factors-such as overall health, means of transmission of the virus, current living conditions and economic stability.  apples to oranges.  how many drank, how much, what other drugs-iv's?-ciggaretts?  most non'pot users smoke way more tabacco products.

I think poor eating habits and poorer stress management tools and people are too damn fat are all things that are more harmful than a natural AD.  And where are all the AD damage and addiction studies.  And did they sort out the fat diabetics who did and didn't take natural or artifical AD's?  

Marijuanna ia an AD and should be studied on an equal playing field w/other AD's and sleep aids.

Til then, don't be a muck raker!  Pot is a proven medical help for many. if you wnat to push Rx AD's, pls do b/don't just take any old flawed study that was constructed to prove a point as gosple.

I personally think that all those people on Rx's AD's are crazy to take such powerful, addictive, toxic drugs.
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Are you calling me a "muck raker"? I just posted the site. Mike
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I know you're just posting.  I'm annoyed @ all these 'statistics' that 'studies' throw out.  somewhere in my under grad studies I took a seies of classes on 'stats'-I was fascinated b/35yrs ago there wasn't much work in that field-statistian-b/my very favorite study was how to lie w/stats-how to interpret any info to prove a point.  Our execises was to take the same data and reach opposite conclusions.

Well. a whole lot of other people must have taken that same course b/c everyine's doin' it.

And apperently there was a future for a statistican.  They used stats to lie to me!!

B/the sad part is there really is no new news on the hep c front.  We all now that 3+million hep c victims in the usa is lowballin' @ best.

I recently read that there are 40 million hep c victims in China alone.  More people are dying in hep c in the usa than aids.

The powers that be should be concentrating on getting the word out to the sick and protecting the well.

I was horrified seeing all the 'field' transfusions the Iraqies were performing in Fallugia.  All I could think is what new form will blood bourn diseases take next!?!

I consider hep c to be a blood disease that attacks the whole body w/an emphasis on the liver-the body's filter for toxins.  The corrosive nature of the by products destroy the liver.

I know now not to even call it a liver disease.  It doesn't pass from liver to liver.  It passes from blood to blood.

If we could just seperate the blood disease from the stigma of being somehow 'dirty', maybe then we would see some real research.

Like AIDS was considered a 'life style' disease and so much time was wasted on 'life style' issues instead of the AIDS virus.  Now AIDS is a pandemic disease that is mostly sexually transmitted in Africa.

As long as hep c is considered a junkie disease, the sufferers will not see an effort to rid out country of it.  the moral majority controlls the purse strings and they think that AIDS and hep c are god's punishment.
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My goodness it's been a long time. Well I'm glad to see you here and hope you have been well. How are things with you? Have your sx gone? How long post tx are you now? Did you ever get a post PCR? Maybe you posted this stuff but I never saw it. I've wondered how you are more than once. Anyway, glad to hear from you. LL
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The fact that hepatitis c is primarily a blood born disease doesn't change the basic fact that it is a liver disease. Blood is merely the most frequent mode of transmission. I assume almost any serious disease has  implications beyond the primary organ affected. Heart disease is not transmitted heart to heart but I don't have any trouble labeling it heart disease. Hepatitis is by definition a liver disease. But what that has to do with the study cited escapes me. I personally don't have an opinion about the impact, if any, that marijuana has on fibrosis. I agree that the study was limited and the article certainly doesn't go into detail but I can't defend or argue the conclusion that frequent marijuana use increases fibrosis progression because I have no idea whether or not it does. I definitely didn't intend on sponsoring the article - I just found it interesting and since marijuana use has been discussed frequently I thought some people might be interested in reading it. Mike
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I had labs drawn 12/7 and I'm still clear. I was going to wait until next month but I figured that since I was getting labs anyway I may as well get the Heptimax. I knew that if I saw my enzymes elevated I'd worry so I just got it done. December 27th will be 6 months post tx so it is looking good for me - I think. If I do reach SVR I will attribute it to the extended tx at full dose. On the article I posted it had numbers for transplant patients and SVR and those stats looked very discouraging. I think they were dosing at 800 mg. ribavirin and I get the impression that generally that is too low of a dose. Anyway I wanted to tell you my news but was hesitant because of your diappointing results. You seem to have handled it as well as anyone could have and after the long course of tx I know it must be hard. This disease is a *****. When people ask me about hep c I tell them it's hard to give to anyone and even harder to get rid of - at least it was for me. Mike
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I've been away for a good while and trying to wean myself from my former obsession with hcv studies, but Mike and Ken's links to the Medscape summary of this year's AASLD meeting and to that excellent <a href="http://www.aidsinfonyc.org/tag/coinf/hcv2004/index.html">Swan and Raymond <a/> book have got me right back into those bad old habits. The <a href="http://www.hepcassoc.org/aasld2004.html#cannabis">Hezode</a> study may well be preliminary but there doesn't seem to be any reason to  discredit it . The other factors they found correlated with increased fibrosis have all been confirmed in other studies (inflammation, age at infection, alcohol intake,  hyperglycaemia) and the presence of a proposed mechanism (CB1 receptor upregulation) suggests the correlation may in fact be the cause. Looks like grass may well be headed the same way as alcohol, cocaine and donuts.. The <a href="http://www.mediwiss.de/Persistence%20Radkowski.htm">Radkowski</a> study seems to make a pretty strong argument for keeping "cured" in parentheses ("only 2 out 17 (SVR) patients were consistently HCV RNA negative in all analyzed compartments"). On the other hand, I thought the improvement in fibrosis in the pre/post bx's was pretty good news. As long as the post-tx immune response is sufficient to limit damage, does it matter if the virus persists? This is the same guy that first reported HCV RNA crossing the blood-brain barrier a couple of years ago, and now there's a growing pile of studies confirming cognitive effects. Interesting stuff - thanks for the posts.

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thanks for asking. I hope all's well with you and wish you all the best in your upcoming tests. For me it's coming around to a year post tx. I haven't yet tested and think I'll wait another year since I'm still enrolled in my very own clinical trial with a sample of 1 : "Is post-tx quality of life correlated with SVR?". At this point, I don't have a clue. Most days are good, some not so good. How much is age? I think the meds accelerate normal ageing. Lately I've been bothered by that old familiar upper-right quadrant discomfort, which is pretty hard to pin to age, so if I had to pick today I'd guess relapse, but who knows? There's really only two things I'm absolutely  sure of : it's good to be  alive and it's absolutely great to be off those meds!
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Very good to see that you've posted here once more. And good to hear that on balance it appears as if your post-tx trauma is relatively minimal.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to say thank you. When I first came to MedHelp nearly a year-and-a-half ago you, more so than anyone else, inspired me to dig for information, dig deeper for even more information, and then to dig deep inside of all that information. The end result being that I've gained knowledge that has proven greatly useful and beneficial during the course of my tx - and beyond.

I hope all is well as you continue on with your personal 'study-of-one'. And may God's blessings and mercy be upon you.

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Great to hear from you...I often wondered how things were going.  Please keep in touch with the forum...we miss your interaction.

By the way, the Radkowski study is very disturbing, as I interpret it, and reinforces my fears of 'HCV causing all the post-tx, SVR symptoms'  Why do so many SVR's continue to have fatigue, cognitive problems, arthritic issues, etc. etc.

Are other studies looking at the same issues as the Radkowski study??   What is the US HCV scientific community saying in response to the study???  Ignoring it???

How about Schering Plough, etc????  Bet you won't see them trying to replicate the results!!!

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Great to see you back as well.  Hopefully we can all help stimulate lots of questions and provide access to new research for all our members to share.  I think we need to constantly 'push' the medical and scientific communities to explore all the HCV issues as thoroughly as possible, AND to listen better to the people who have HCV, to understand where the real issues and questions lie.

Look at the Radkowski study linked by Willing (above), and think about how many doctors have summarily 'blown off' questions from patients regarding the possibility of HCV persisting in various organs AFTER the big SVR!  "You're cured son, go have a good life, and don't ask any more questions"...  "The interferon hangover will be gone in a month or two...maybe three... so go celebrate!"   "This is a liver infection, usually without any real symptoms"....etc.  OK, I see.  Sorry for asking such goofy questions doc!  

Anyway, welcome back.

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