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Can only eat ice-cream with incevik

Avocados were once a favorite food of mine.  Now….I can’t chew or swallow it.  The thought of it makes me feel nauseas.  Same with peanut butter.
The only thing going down with the incevik is ice-cream.  Guess that is what I will have to go with.
Anyone else having problems eating?
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I experienced the same thing.  Loved avocados and peanut butter.....then suddenly they made me gag.  I ate a lot of ice cream and cheddar cheese.  Towards the end of my 12 weeks on incivek I was even eating fritos.  Eat whatever you can tolerate to get the fat grams.  By the end of the 12 weeks, I was eating only the fat grams since the thought of eating was simply more than I could handle. Hang in there and good luck!
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the exact same thing happened with me and avocados.  i started off with the best intentions to eat healthy fats.   well guess what, now its week 7 and it's just whatever fat (bacon, hot dog, etc) seems like i can choke these pills down with.  can't wait to see what the next 5 weeks bring.
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thanks.   this week will be my 7th week of tx.    guess it will be ice cream or whatever goes down for the next 5 weeks.      ginger
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bisquick...make pancakes...after they bubble ..load on blueberries...now flip over ..finish them...load on tons of butter with pure maple syrup...i got sick of ice cream..make sure the pancakes have eggs and milk in them....good luck....billy
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I have 8 doses left and my expirience matches pretty much what is stated above it gets to a point to where you just choke down whatever you feel you can tolerate which has changed from day to day over the last couple weeks
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I am now the same way with peanut butter.  I loved PB but after about a week I couldn't stomach them anymore.  I find eating a piece of cheesecake helps with my 10pm Incivek.  2 Nutty Buddies in the morning and usually a bag of fritos for my 2pm dose.

Good thing is I finished my Incivek on Friday so I don't have to load up on the fat anymore.  Best of luck in whatever you decide to consume with your meds.
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I was on the Incivek diet also.  

My remedy:  Vanilla frozen yogurt, vanilla soy milk, Whoppers and choclate shell. Put in the blender and enjoy for a truly deliciious meal.  Substitute choc chip cookies...or any cookies for that matter.  It sure tasted good.

Needless to say, I lost no weight during my treatment...gained 8 lbs.  But my sides were light and I'm SVR 2yrs+ (and back to my former weight =))

Y'all hang in there.  It is soooooooooooooo worth it!!!!

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thanks all.   i am going to choke down some ice cream now .....ginger
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nice story isobella....thanks.  
how long did you treat for?  where you in a trial?
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I just get down what I can get down, that's all -- my food aversions are at an all time high right now, and I'm just lucky if it stays down.  

I eat yogurt and toast/butter, with some whole milk, in the morning, and sometimes that's all I can eat the rest of the day, too...

My last INC dose is 6 December, but who's counting?  

I'm so sick right now... :(
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ah me too i cant stand it ... my appetite is gone everything makes me nauseous...except the ice cream... im on week 10 almost done woohoo
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