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Colloidal Silver

yes, i know, im grasping at straws...

anyone know anything about this, supposed to strengthen your immune system and fight the virus...

i take milk thistle every day, no idea if it is doing anything to help my liver or not, i know milk thistle does nothing for the virus but i figure my liver needs all the help it can get haaaa
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I'm not sure about symptoms worsening with progression of the disease, but I imagine they can.  I was just diagnosed in April. I haven't started treatment yet. You might want to go back to the doctor and discuss some different treatment options. I don't know anything about Collodal Silver and Hep C.  I know my sister-in-law swears by it for colds and such, but I don't think it can cure Hep C.  I could be wrong, but that's my opinion
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What you are doing is VERY common in the beginning.  I think most of us did the same thing. Read about every vitamin etc. that might help us in some small way for the greater good.

Once you get on treatment and really "get it" you will chill on it and stop looking for these things. As far as I know this particular remedy is snake oil.  Such I read in here.

Don't go wasting money on things to help. Take GOOD vitamins (NO IRON!!! and try not to take any extra A or K) and eat well.  Do the things that medicine has been advising forever and ever - THAT is what helps your liver.

Not all the fake remedies that will suck up your bank account. Save the money, treatment and it's needs are expensive enough.

Rememeber: when you start treatment drop the milk thistle.
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Why do you say not to take extra A & K?  My doctor said to get lots of natural A  & K through greens and yellows.  Do you mean a supplement?
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Yes as a supplement - doctor said not to ADD any because we don't need EXTRA in our diet if we eat right.  I guess (??) that too much of them is not a good thing.

Of course...try and FIND a vitamin without A or K it's practically impossible but docs advise us to stay away from Beta Carotene and of COURSE NO NO NO IRON!

I don't even eat out of cast iron skillets any longer and no more blood red meat waaaaaa - how do you have summer without rare hamburgers?  I tell you - this disease has really changed more things than I care to think about but now I'm getting used to hardly eating any red meat and if I do it's well cooked.

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Oh...I have not been informed about "no iron" yet.  Can you tell me about this?  Maybe there are so many little things that the doctor just forgets to tell me...ha!?
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One thing I have found is that there is absolutely no scientific studies which have been performed to support the claims made by most homeopathic medicines.  All are testimonies which may or may not have labs to support them.  This is part of the problem which the US FDA is currently having with providing consumers with accurate information with respect to these "natural" remedies, some of which I have found to be actually be synthetically manufactured despite their "natural" label.

If nothing else, I think that the pure power of suggestion may be more influential in the noted changes.  Often this concept is quickly dismissed by many, but I have found it surprising how many of these same folks jump on the same explaination for those who believe they received their healing from God (but that's another issue).

I guess the bottomline is that I have seen some of these homeopathic remedies work on animals, which may suggest that there is something to some of there claims if one believes that the animal can not be influenced by the power of suggestion.
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