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Hey Guys!  Been reading the different questions about interferon (sp?) and intergen (sp?) forgive me ahead of time if the spelling is wrong.  My question is twofold....1).
What exactly is interferon?  I think from what I am reading it is a type of chemo?  2.  What then is intergen?  I ACTIVELY participate in my treatment for HIV as I am coinfected by always asking too many questions about the drugs for that.  With HCV what is the difference between the two?  What questions should I be asking about HCV now that I am nearing tx?  Has anyone continuously taken shots of vitamin B-12 for energy levels to be up?  Lastly, has anyone ever heard of SST?  It is an herb that has been getting alot of unsolicited attention lately.  All good from what I've heard.  Their website is www.hepzone.com.  Alot of accupunturist and herbalist have mentioned this during the course of conversation.  

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Most here are not coinfected so our knowledge of it is limited. Here is a site that might help below. It could be that some info that is relevant to co infected people treating would be different, I don't know. Also you can google Infergen and Interferon and find tons of info on them and the differences between the two but they are both interferon.

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But is interferon chemo?  A type of chemo?
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My very general and maybe wrong understanding is that interferon is a drug made from the concentrated chemicals in the human body found in our immune system.

Infergen is the same chemical except stronger. It is created in the lab and not taken from human samples.
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Interferon is a natural biological which your body produces to fight certain viruses (the main reason that there are no generic meds available).

Ribavirin is a chemo medication, often used to treat influenza in children but has been modified to an oral form for HCV.
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Yes, it is considered a type of chemotherapy. I was told it is called "bioviral therapy" too.
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