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Fatty food

What is a good fatty food to eat with Riboviron for exorbtion? Not too hungry a 6pm when take night pills and it hard to eat. Thinking about buttered bread with slice on cheese on it? Is that fatty enough?
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That should be fine.  I had my evening ribavarin with a side of avocado, or else some cheese.  I had a yougurt smoothie with most morning doses.  I don't think you need to go overboard on the fat, but a little is ok.  

Bon appetit!
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Perfect!  I try to mix it up so it doesn't get boring.  Chips & dip, yogurt, ice cream, avocado, toast & egg, crackers & cream cheese, cake, cookies, olive oil, peanut butter, Nutella and the list goes on and on.  As long as you have some fat in the food, they say it helps with Riba absorption and nausea.
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Wow, I’m not sure you really want to know; here’s the data from Schering Plough:


“Effect of food on absorption of ribavirin:

Both AUC and C-MAX increased by seventy percent when Rebetol Capsules were administered with a high fat meal: (841 kcal, 53.8 g fat, 31.6 g protein, and 57.4 g carbohydrate) in a single-dose pharmacokinetic study.”

LOL, bring on the double bacon cheeseburgers, deep fried, preferably; and wash them down with Crisco :o). That’s a lot of fat!
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ribavirin has a very long half-life. For that reason it's not necessary to take your two doses 12 hours apart. You might therefore find it easier to take the riba then your two largest meals. When I treated, I took my first riba around 10 or 11 AM and my second around four or 5 PM, to coincide with my meals. as long as you riba and least 3-4 hours apart, you should be fine.
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Interesting!  I was given a high saturated fat ( stroke city ) list with the Vertex trial.  I ate like that for a month.  I worried about clogging my arteries so spoke to the nurse and asked her to find out if all that fat was really necessary.  Surprisingly, she told me I could reduce my fat consumption to a few grams when taking Riba and Telaprevir.  
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I never paid much attention to my fat intake on treatment; although I relapsed too, so don’t use me as an example :o). They don’t specify the type of fat, so I suppose the equivalent in things like olive oil, etc, would be acceptable. I’d hate to achieve SVR, and then die a few months later from heart disease, as you mentioned. Who knows? I think it’s interesting they brought this up in trial; thanks for that—

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I swallow my pills with 1/4 avacodo.1 egg,1 teaspoon of coconut oil and a whey power drink mix....avacodo is the BEST food to take for other foods and drugs to absorb in the body....do the google dance and see
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I also use almonds and cashews sometimes to break up the boredom...i also love a veggie pizza on 5the weekends as a treat
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I just completed a study at a major university hospital on how diets affect viral loads and the amounts of fat in the blood. One of the diets was high in polyunsaturated fatty acids while the other was high carbs. I felt great on the PUFA diet. Safflower oil was added to everything - salad dressings, gravies, sauces. Lots of yogurt and almonds were on the menu too. They even had a safflower smoothie.

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Sounds like an interesting study. could you give us the name of this study and/or any other available information such as preliminary findings? I assume you have HCV? can you tell us how your viral load changed?
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forgot to ask. Were you on treatment or off treatment for the study?
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The name of the study is : Fat Metabolism in Subjects with Hepatitis C Virus or Fatty Liver Disease and the study was to determine how diets with different amounts of fat affect the amount and kinds of fat that is in the blood. Compare healthy individuals to those with fatty liver and those with Hepatitis C. I just finished last Wednesday so I have no personal findings yet. I am treatment naive and only Geno 1's were used for the HCV control. It is my understanding this study will be completed by the end of this summer. I am anxious to read the findings as well as will post as I learn more myself. Besides testing for blood fat, viral loads were tested seven times and glucose three times.
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Gee, that's surprising about the polyunsaturated fats being used in the study. I thought mono fats were in vogue these days.

I ate what appealed to me and always forced myself to have some fat. I just couldn't eat much some days and could on others. I got very keen on mayo and peanut butter (together), even though I hadn't been a fan. I could always eat that, even when other foods would make me gag. And it was easy.
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Interesting study you are in.  Please let us know how things work out.

As far as fat goes, I have found ice cream all hours of the day and night work well.  And I haven't had to worry about the weight loss generally associated with tx =(
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