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Friday Fight Song 05-05-06 - Coconut

Coconut by Harry Nilsson

Brother needed Hep C tx, he bought it for a dime
His sister had it also, unknowing for some time.
He did a shot of Peg-Intron, and lots of other meds
She did a shot of Pegasys, at last cleared by the feds
He did a shot of the Hep C tx,
Called the doctor, woke him up, and said,

"Doctor, ain't there nothin' I can take,
I say, Doctor, to relieve the Hep C aches?
I say, Doctor, ain't there nothin' I can take,
I say, Doctor, to relieve the Hep C aches?
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Thanks, as always. We all need your fight song.

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Kim, thanks again for taking the time. Hope all is well.

beagle, kinda starting early with that hose and bucket isn't we?

I guess the early bird gets the blood. Hope you doing ok today.
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Good morning folks, its time to rise and shine. I want to see you all jog 3 miles, 10 pushups, 10 pullups, and 10 setups. Now before you shoot me i'm going back to bed. Wore me out just thinking of doing that. Hope all has a good day.

Ready, set GO.
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eyedeas-that a way to start the weekend, thanks, tho your songs always seem to get into my head and pop out my mouth at wacky moments, like up on a ladder out in public or stopped at a light with the windows rolled down...screw em, simg it gang.

can share man- Okay dude so lets see that was to all of us so if each of us run 6ft, each does 1/40th of a push up and 1/40 of a pullup(and screw the setups, my dry heaves are enough exercise for all of our stomaches): why this forum should be in shape in no time at all....Dibbs on NOT being the one to do the top part of the pushups and bottom part of the pullups,in fact I wanna be the one that just grunts!
Oh Yeah dude, dream a little dream...
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and and and and thaaaaaaaaaats one....................step. No no that was definitly and tip and stumble. Maybe later - when the riba kicks in. I have one exercise that I am consistent at now. Trying to crawl out of my own skin. Go back to sleep. Dale
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I hear ya guy , where I work thier hirin more internationals everyday , claimin they can't get americans to work, ya know thats bull! Thier gettin big time tax breaks on the forien exchange students and the people coming here on work visa from the middle east, while folk around here can't get work .
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We the People are doing a crappy job I think. The will of the people should be more improtant than some liberal courts definition of the rule of law. If all else fails use common sense. Ted Kennedy will fix it, this will be his third immigration bill in 30 years so he knows what he is doing. How do you spell Chapaqudic?
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Good mornin guys and once again , it's riba friday, no work for the next 2 days hee haw . If I do any pushups this mornin can, it won't be them kind .
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If that were you or me , we woulda been sent to prison!
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Hello everyone I would like to introduce you to Dyce and Dale Kennedy. Guilty even when not charged. I wonder what the cost of a daughter was for the parents? I better get off of this one it's kickin the riba in overdrive.
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kim - did it again - you really hve that rhythm down!

can-do --- no can do.  Got to go with the Strator excercise plan as of late.  Will you please post a picture of you after your "work-out" -- now is that to combat the nightly icecream binge?
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I ran an ad for specialist engineer last year and the ad went into all of the major markets. I received 34 qualified applicants with credentials matching the requirements. I had specifically asked about US citizenship. None were and all were on various technical visas. Of course I had to go through the interview process to show fairness. Most of the people were originally from India or South Korea. If we don't start doing something about math and science skills here we are going to be in big trouble. What am I saying we hire chinese spies to work at our top secret facilities now. We are in big trouble. Dale
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