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Gamma Globulin and/or Rhogam

I only came across the gg info yesterday and thought, "Gee, that sounds familiair." I, too, had gg and I also had Rhogam which is given to pregnant woman who are Rh- when the father is Rh+ and I read there are implications on that as well. I had more than one of each in the 70's at Ireland Army Hospital (height of the Vietnam war when a lot of soldiers were returning with drug addiction and hepatitis).

So, my question is 1) Why do doctors always ask about blood transfusions and not gg and rhogam? And literature on risk factors never mentions it either? Both are made from blood (i.e., are blood products)?

I am wondering how high the correlation really is; I can't find much literature on it online other than what is posted at HepC sites like this one. I was only diagnosed 33 years later! It is either a well kept secret or not very substantiated.
I also read that at some point the military started gg'ing soldiers before they went to Vietnam to prevent in hopes of preventing them from getting hepatitis and there is a controversy that many came down with HCV. I'm not necessarily a "conspiracy theorist"; however, given what goes on in politics today and news media "censorship" I am now very, very curious to find out more.  Thank you in advance to anyone responding to this. Laproch

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You've posted the same question in two threads less than an hour apart.  There's answers in the other one.
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Yes, I realize I posted the same question in two threads less than an hour apart; why would you think you had to tell me? I was notified of comments to the threads I entered questions. I only joined last night and was having a little difficulty figuring out the site; did I commit some kind of violation? Is there a rule about posting the same question to two different threads? Are you the site monitor or just volunteer security? No room for errors or confusion on this support group site , or does it just bother you personally?
Gee, I feel so welcomed now...  I still don't know every aspect of how MedHelp is set up or works; I'll try to hurry and catch up to your expected speed.
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Take your time and you will be fine.I am personally welcoming you to the forum.You will find alot of educated and enjoyable people here that will always answer question that you might have.And also alot of people who dont think while their fingers are typing!!! cindy
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Just had an OMG moment here. I also received Rhogam after both of my kids were born. I am A- husband A+ and both kids A+ never really knew what the shot was just knew what it was for. One shot in the late 70's and other in 80. Seeing a hepatologist on Friday and will be sure to ask about it. By the way. I had a very difficult time on this site when I first started and have found most folks on here MORE than helpful. Hope it works out for you. Its really nice to have people to talk to about this seeing as I have not told ANY of my friends or co-workers about this. Only the man that I am seeing and have been with for several years.Who by the way got tested and is free and clear. Thank God for that!!! Good luck and dont let the blog security scare you away :)
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Those are valid questions and I have no answers. I had Rhogam with both of my children since I am RH- and my husband was RH+. My only experience with Gamma Globulin was when I had to get infusions of this when I needed to get a biopsy for my liver (Hep C) and my platelets were very low. Gave me a "wicked" headache. Infusions over 4 days with 5-6 hours a day. This is the first possible connection with these situations I've seen since I've been on this forum. Thanks for bringing the possible connection to attention.
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Oh, I will be waiting with "bated breath" to hear what your hepatologist says! Yes, this is all new info for me, too, but could explain things. GG and Rhogam were not "cleaned" prior to 1992. Please keep me posted! And thanks for your support on my navigation challenges, lol.
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Thanks so much for the personal welcoming, it is very much appreciated!
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Like the beatles song says "get by with a little help from my friends" or was it get "high" with a little help from my friends. Like the "by" better. :) When I got this diagnosis in March I thought my life was over as I knew it. Depressed, felt like I had NOTHING to live for. Still dont have any answers yet but HOPEFULLY on Friday I will. Its VERY difficult for me NOT to have control of my life and MY BODY. Ate, slept and drank this diease. But after finding this forum I must say it truly changed my crappy outlook and now thinking I can do this! I CAN rid my body of this intruder and MOVE on to another 60 years. Well maybe not. :) I would be happy with 20 "wicked" good ones. Everyone have a wonderful Sunday and Happy fathers day to all the days out there. Hope it isnt inapproiate to use this forum for that but oh well I guess once a rebel always.
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Hi My, Just wanted to make extra sure you saw this questions answered by the doctor:
The link to it is below.

by xracer1, Jul 11, 2008 07:14PM
"Could an injection of Gamma Globulin in 1970 be a source of HVC?
Thank you!"

by Douglas Dieterich, MDBlank, Jul 13, 2008 06:44AM
To: xracer
"You bet it could! The blood supply was not safe until June of 1992 when good HCV testing went into effect. If you got that shot then get tested for HCV right away!" DTD

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Hi, welcome, thank you for the post, I also had this shot back in 1977,  No doctor asked me about it however I came across the information myself.  I did not know that GG was a blood product until after dx with HCV, I believe that is how I got it
Thanks again,D
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gamma globulin??  I had several back in the 50's and 60's, since we lived overseas - so that could have done it? not that it makes a difference, really...
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Any blood product taken before 1992 could be a cause of infection as could nail salons and tattoo parlors.
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gamma globulin is a blood product? I need to educate myself more!
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I too had the gamma globulin in 1977, I wonder why this is not listed as a risk factor?
Just curious, was thinking of asking Dr Dietrich but I don't have the money this week.
Thanks for all the info
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My EXACT thoughts  also!!!!!Government cover up ?????????????????????They   should be listed as risk factors!!!!! cindy
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I understand this is an old post however I see that someone was able to ask Dr Dietrich if this could have caused HCV.  He answered yes here:

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