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Genotype 2

I was wondering if there is anyone on here that has genotype two and is currently undergoing treatment. I was wondering what's the normal duration period, cost (with insurance), side effects so on and so forth.
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Type 2 and just finished tx about a week or so back.  On Tx for 6 months.  Side effects for me were doable.  Didn't miss a day of work.  Cost with ins. was just the amount of my co-pay for the drugs...and the same for the dr.visits.  Nothing was even applied to my deductable...Had labs, imaging, and tests.  Sx are different for everyone as well as ins. coverage.
Are you on Tx?
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I am type 2 and will do my 8th shots tomorrow..will treat for 6 months, UND at 4 weeks... Sx doable so far.. Have not missed any work... somedays are hard and I don't feel well... like I have learned,sx are different for everyone. I was prepared for the worst and so far just hasn't happened... My co-pay is 155.00 monthly.. considering the cost without insurance I am not complaining.

To be honest the time leading up to starting was really tough because I think the unknown is a lot worse then the known..

Good luck... you have found a great forum, lots of knowledgeable people and also very supportive.
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I am type 2 and have to do 6 months. I was also SVR by 3 weeks of tx, but we still have to do the whole 6 months- that *****. I am realizing that asking what you can expect regarding sideeffects is pointless- everyone experiences it differently. The first month was not bad for me at all, a little tired and nautious, but that was it. Now at 4 months, I am having a misreble time. At 6 weeks I had to stop working, but I also have children, and all the energy I did have was going to work, and I had nothing left for my family, so I chose to stop working so that the little energy I do have was focused at my family. I have never experienced any depression- lonlieness becouse I am not used to being home- but never depression, but I also started an anti-depresent 2 weeks before I started tx. My biggest problem is that I have had severe pain and fatigue. I do not get much of the flue symptoms, but alot of nausia. But I have found that phenergan for the nausie, and pain meds for the pain and just listen to my body for the sleep and I can make it to the end( I sleep 16 hours a day)  
  I am coverd with workmans compbut I am seeing that w/o ins the meds cost $1,400.00 per month- 4 shots. before work-comp kicked in I paid a 20% co-pay- which was $280 a month and remember that you will most likely need a load ov other things- My neupogen was a co pay of $200 a month- I think it realy depends on your ins. You can call the drug company and they have payment assistance for the meds also. God bless you with your tx. and I pray that you will be one of those wich gets through this with minimal side effects. The tx is hell, but not for everyone- Debbie-223 was right the not-knowing is the worst part.
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Everywhere I've read, treatment for geno 2 is supposed to be for 24 weeks unless you are in a clinical trial and they are testing something new.

But beware, my first visit to my Hepatologist in May, I thought I heard him say 16 weeks for treatment, and I started asking around again to be sure the 24 week number was still the norm.

When I went back last week for pre-treatment labs and discussion now with the NP who will be managing my care, she said 16 weeks as well for duration of treatment. I asked why 16, when all I've read says it should be 24 still. Her reply was "Well, we've been having pretty good luck with 16"  

I recently heard that this same office does do clinical trials, but even this doctor had told me that trials for geno 2 were hard to come by. However, I felt like they were going to use me as a "guinea pig" when I was paying for his services, and I didn't sign on for a study.  So I said that unless there were extenuating circumstances, such as I was dead, I would prefer to treat the full course of 24 weeks.  I don't want to risk stopping early simply because they said they were having "pretty good luck" at achieving SVR in patients doing only 16 weeks.  I'd need better odds, added drugs, and statistical proof, other than "pretty good."

In case you don't know the abbreviations yet, they are listed here on the right hand side at the bottom, under Common Hepatitis C Acronyms.  You will find it handy here!

Good luck,
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